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There can be many different causes for burning foot pain. However, all that a person really thinks about when they have burning pain in feet is how to make that uncomfortable burning and painful sensation go away.

It is important though to know what may be the reason that your feet burn so you can stop it from happening in the future.

One reason for burning in feet can be caused by a reaction to the fabric or dyes on your shoes or socks. Some people even have sensitivity to certain detergents that they use to wash their clothing in.

You can try switching to a different detergent if you feel there is a chance that this could be the cause of your burning feet. It is especially likely if you have just started using a new brand.

Knowing your materials is also a good idea.

If you have taken up running or walking, be aware that natural fibers can cause your feet to sweat too much.

This of course can result in burning feet. Opt to wear socks made out of artificial fibers, as they will allow your feet to remain cool when you are active.

Athlete’s foot is a very well known condition and is often the culprit behind burning feet and burning foot pain. Typically, when you have a case of athlete’s foot, the burning will be in the location of the fungal infection.

Athlete’s foot also generally makes your foot red, scaly, cracked and itchy. The best way to combat athlete’s foot is to practice meticulous foot hygiene. Let your shoes dry before putting them back on if they have become damp.

Also make certain to wash and dry your feet after being active. This is because athlete’s foot develops and thrives from damp conditions. If you still come down with athlete's foot you can purchase a variety of different powders and other materials to treat your condition.
There are many different things you can try if you find that your feet are burning. For starters give your feet a soak in some cool water. Many people find it helpful to make use of pain pills such as aspirin or acetaminophen.

Burning In Feet And Foot
If this foot problem persists, it is important that you schedule a visit with your doctor. Inform your doctor of other conditions that could be potentially related such as numbness or tingling in your hands or other locations on your body.
Although conditions that cause your feet to burn are more often seen in people who are fifty or older, it can happen at any age. When your feet burn, it can be a minor irritation that is easy to cure. However, it can also single a medical problem that needs professional treatment.
Sometimes your feet will burn at the end of the day simply because you have spent too much time standing. This is especially true for people who carry a lot of extra weight.

Burning In Feet And Foot
As mentioned, it is essential that you see your doctor if this is a regular occurrence because burning feet is a common symptom in many nerve disorders. If you can not avoid standing on your feet for long amounts of time during the day, and this is the cause of your burning feet their are measures you can take to make yourself more comfortable.



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