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Burning Calories In The Most Effective Way

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Fat Blasters and Calorie Cutters

Recent research conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia puts jogging at the head of the exercise pack in terms of gobbling up fats, burning calories, and improving cardiovascular health.

The study compared several common forms of exercise for these attributes, and yielded the following results :

Most Effective For Burning Calories:
Jogging (at a comfortable but sill challenging pace)
Ski simulation
Rowing on a machine)
Stationary bicycling or spinning class

Least Effective For Burning Calories:

As you scan these results, bear in mind that all of the listed exercises, as well as some that aren’t listed, such as power walking and swimming, provide tremendous heart health and fitness benefits. Though jogging emerged as the clear winner, there really are no losers in this bunch.

Just a Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

Despite the many obvious benefits of exercise, most of us turn the recent. Nike advertising slogan straight on its head. In a phrase: We just don’t do it. We spend too much of our time in cars, at desks, in front of the TV, and glued to computer screens, and not nearly enough time in the gym or the great outdoors.

Obesity in America has been escalating for many years now, especially among young people, and our increasingly sedentary lifestyle makes a quick turnaround in this trend seem highly unlikely. You, however, can buck the trend – and the best parties, it’s most sinfully easy.

In fact, nearly all of the beneficial health effects of aerobic exercise can be derived from just three 30-minute sessions per week. That’s a grant total of 1½ hours weekly, perhaps less time than you often devote to surfing the Internet or watching music videos in a single evening!

Are You Getting The Exercise You Need To Burn Calories?

If staying in decent shape requires such a minimal commitment, you may ask, then why do so many people fail to get the exercise they need? This is a complex question, and the answers to it are as varied as the legions of well-intentioned individuals who think about starting an exercise program, yet never quite get past the thinking stage.

Lack of time is probably the most frequently cited reason, but let’s be honest: Who among us is so busy that she can’t wedge in a half hour of exercise every other day? A few overburdened souls, perhaps, but not many.

Truth is, we either find time or make time for the things we really want to do, so the real reason most exercise resolutions aren’t fulfilled is that the people making them aren’t motivated enough to get one started and stick with it.

Exercise, for many of us, simply seems to much like drudgery- and feels too much like duty – to be viewed in a positive light. That popular word "workout”, with its connotations of sweat, toil, and obligation, speaks volumes about prevailing perceptions and attitudes.

It’s as if we were saying : "This isn’t fun. This isn’t invigorating. This is work – and hard work at that.” Small wonder, then, that so many new jogging suits are more often used for lounging on the couch than for pounding the pavement and burning calories!

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