Bunions Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

Bunions are incredibly common with more than half of the women in America alone suffering from this ailment. One can occurwhere the joint that joins your big toe to your foot contains a bump that is swollen and tender.

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Often times, it is shoes that are too tight that can cause these bumps to form. Although it is believed that there is a chance that they are hereditary.

However, almost every woman wears shoes that are too tight, which as mentioned can contribute to the formation. When you have one, you will find that the joint at the base of your big toe will stick out and become swollen.

All are typically very uncomfortable and tender. It can even hurt to wear your usual footwear. If the bump becomes bigger, so to does the pain grow. As time goes on, a condition known as bursitis can develop.

As a result, your big toe may begin to point in the direction of your second toe or curl up beneath that toe.
The force from your big toe can result in the flesh on the sole of your foot becoming denser and very tender.

This force can also cause your second toe to slip out of its proper place. Unfortunately, chronic pain can become a painful result of having this condition. Not to mention the fact that some people with these end up finding it almost impossible to walk and can even end up resulting in the development of arthritis.
Of course the best thing to do is to prevent bunions from appearing in the first place. Once you do develop one however, the good news is that they can generally be treated without surgical measures.

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To stop thses nasty bumps before they happen, do not wear shoes that are too small. The best shoes to wear are those that mold themselves as much as possible to the shape of your feet. Opt to purchase footwear that has a wide instep and toes and contains soles that are soft.
If you have already developed one, the type of shoes you wear can make a lot of difference. Choose shoes that allow you the necessary room to have your bunion free from pressure.
Some people find it helpful to have a professional stretch out their shoes. You can also buy yourself pads that will offer a certain amount of protection to your bunion. If however, your bunion grows and reaches a point where you find it too hard to walk and or to wear shoes, you may end up needing to have surgery.

Care - Surgery

With surgery, your bones, ligaments and nerves are set back in alignment so that your big toe can be placed back where it belongs. This surgery is generally a day surgery treatment that uses anesthetic to ease your pay.
It is worth noting that it can take a long while to fully heal from this surgery. Often times this recovery period is very uncomfortable. Teen girls often see a bump form on the base of their big toe. Unlike with an adult bunion however, the teenager can usually move the toe with ease. However, there may be a lot of pain when it comes to wearing shoes.
As with an adult, shoes that have more width may become necessary. Surgery is not usually done on a teenager’s unless the pain is severe and changing shoes does not provide any relief. The reason they avoid surgery in teenagers is that they are still developing. Therefore, surgery can cause them to reappear over time.
Even though they are not enjoyable to deal with, there are treatments that can eliminate these completely or at least provide you with enough relief that you can effectively live with them.

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