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Big, sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed hair has recently made a return to the runway, but never really went out of style. 

The newest take is a softer, less sprayed-into-a-helmet look, but the backcombing key is, and always has been volume volume VOLUME. 

Big Sexy Hair

Bumpit Bumpit Bumpit!

Get Big Happy Hair With Bumpit Hair Volumizing Inserts

Big sexy hair never goes out of style. But how many times have you struggled to get your fine, flat hair looking fat and fabulous? Or suffered the torture of split ends and the dreaded "hairspray helmet head” for the sake of major volume and the ever-so sought after "bump” styled by Hollywood hairstylists so effortlessly?

bumpit hairstyleGet Big Happie Hair With Bumpits

Well girls, drop the fine-toothed comb and step away from the Aqua Net. Instead, pick up a couple of the hottest new hair gizmos around – the volumizing hair inserts called Bumpits!

You’ve seen the commercials, and probably caught sight of them unknowingly as well on your favorite celebrities.

These virtually invisible hair helpers are finding their way into the kits of hairstylists all over.

Reminiscent of the "rats” your mother or grandmother may have used to get her beehive sky high, but with a clever and modern twist they come in three different sizes, including a little baby Bumpit to pull your bangs back into a perfectly smooth Gwen Stefani pouf or pompadour and the supersized "Hollywood” Bumpit for a bouffant that Amy Winehouse would envy.

Bumpits come in four colors including light blonde, dark blonde, brunette and black.

Bumpits For Fine Hair

Fine haired ladies have tried everything, from piling on the volumizing shampoos and conditioners to root-boosting sprays and mousse.

All the product pile-on is followed by teasing or back combing, which does give hair a lift, but also causes end-splitting damage over time. Bumpits offer a hair-safe alternative that will last and last when traditional methods fall flat - literally. They are great for special events like weddings and fun and secure enough for a night out dancing with your girls.

Bumpits Are Simple And Easy To Use

These little fellas are simple to use, too! Start by drying, curling, or straightening your hair as usual, then part your hair from just behind your ear to the other ear, making sure you’ve got enough hair there to cover the Bumpit.

Place the Bumpit right behind the part making sure the little teeth grip firmly, about where a headband would sit on your head. Then pull your hair down over the Bumpit and spray with a firm hold hairspray. Finally fluff and arrange your hair into a natural, rounded shape.

Give hair another spray to set, and your bump is ready to rock! The best part is that the rigid material of Bumpits won’t drop or lose volume, so your ‘do is gonna stay full and fantastic as long as you do.

Bumpits are beautiful on hair of any length and texture, and easy to dress up or down, so grab a magazine and have fun recreating your favorite look. Try a regular Bumpit with a low or side ponytail for a chic look, or pair one with long loose curls and a half updo, or a mini with a ponytail or pigtails.

You can also go Bond girl with a headband or scarf tied right in front of the bump, or take a note from Audrey Hepburn with a "Breakfast at Tiffany’s” twist with tons of height. Once your ‘do is bumped, the possibilities are endless!
Bumpit Bumpit Bumpit!



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