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Brushing Teeth Basics

The American Dental Association tells us we should brush our teeth twice daily. This gets rid of the plaque that not only decays your teeth but also contributes to gum disease.

The Basics of How To Brush your Teeth Properly

Even though most people know this as an important preventative measure, many do not know how to brush their teeth properly or the brushing teeth basics.

Tools You Need For Clean Teeth

To begin you want a soft toothbrush, floss, and an ADA approved tooth paste that has fluoride. Note that there are toothpastes made for many specific tooth conditions including sensitivity, stains, etc.

As long as the brand bears the ADA marking, you can use any of the specialty products. Make sure the size of the toothbrush is such that it can easily get all around your teeth.

Manual toothbrushes should be replaced every three months to avoid moving around bacteria that can grow on the brush. Electric toothbrushes are a great alternative to the manual ones as they do a better job cleaning teeth overall.

As far as floss goes, studies show that there's no real difference in effectiveness between the various types of dental floss. You can use waxed, un-waxed, woven or shred resistant. Simply choose what you like so you'll use it regularly.

Dental Statistics

Over the age of 35, 75% of adults have some form of gum disease By the time a child is one year old they have a 15% chance to have some level of tooth decay 23% of adults have some untreated tooth decay Most adults between 20 and 65 have lost three permanent teeth

Here Are The Basics For Brushing Your Teeth

It's recommended that you take a good, full two minutes to brush your teeth (most people spend far less time than that brushing teeth). However, before you even get out your toothpaste, floss your teeth going gently down each side of every tooth's surface to loosen debris.

Afterward, apply toothpaste to your toothbrush and begin cleaning from the back of your mouth forward (on the top first with the molars).

Make sure that your tooth brush's bristles are directed toward the gum line (about 45 degree angle). This helps fight gingivitis. Brush that area for 15-20 seconds, then do the surface of the tooth (both the backside and front).

Repeat this procedure on all your teeth, using gentle circular movements as well as up and down brushing. When you're done with all your teeth, brush off your tongue too (and the inside of your cheeks).

Those areas collect bacteria too. Now you can rinse with plain water or a fluoridated mouthwash.

As you can see, it really doesn't take long for the brushing teeth basics in the way dentists recommend. The time is well spent since it protects your teeth and gums from cavities and disease. Remember that good oral care is also good for your overall health too.


Complete Oral Care

Dental Tip

By brushing twice daily, following these guidelines, you should avoid some of those trips to the Dentist's office for fillings.

However, you should still get your teeth professionally cleaned and checked every six months for the best oral health possible.

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Complete Oral Care

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