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Brown Bald Beautiful

Brown Bald Beautiful

Tammi, Powerfully, Brown Bald Beautiful

I Love Freedom

The way in which I choose to express this love exhibits itself in many forms.

I'm a single parent living in a small Hungarian town with my bi-racial daughter - I've never been fond of following trends, just my heart.

The desire to help those I felt who benefit from it drove me to cross the pond and come to Eastern Europe.

Once here, I felt nothing could hold me back, including the impending prejudice from those who felt a certain way about anything different.

I had already been getting stares and whispers because I am a single mother of color.

What was I doing here? What kind of "profession" was I engaged in? Just a sample of the questions and doubts about me.


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It's Time

The decision to completely separate from my hair came as a "it's time" moment.

Beautiful Beautiful Tammi

I had been inching it away for about 6 months. One night, I got up from my chair, after a pretty dull and boring day, and just picked up my clippers and had myself a little par-tay.

Well, I wasn't that familiar with the clippers and "accidentally" shaved too much.

I felt that increase in heartbeat when I looked in the mirror and could practically hear the whispers I would be receiving when the small town residents realized what I had done.

But, then, I was happy with it. It just clicked. I was happy and I felt free. That was 3 months ago.

I just feel better, happier, when I bald.
That's my story.

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Brown Bald Beautiful
Published January 26, 2013

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