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Model and actress Brooke Burke’s hairstyle is the picture of glossy health with its shiny, long, textured layers. The layers in Brooke Burke’s hairstyle are razored on the ends providing a lot of texture and definition.

Rather than her layers being carefully blended to meld into her hairstyle they are distinct and noticeable.

There are a few layers in Brooke Burke’s hairstyle that frame her face, but for the most part, they are snipped long to add depth.

Depth is also provided to Brooke Burke’s hairstyle through honey colored highlights and darker lowlights which give her dark brown base the appearance of health and gloss.

Brooke Burke sports a left part to her hairstyle which is really playful and offers a sense of youthful fun to her look. Her part is not exactly even though, to jazz up her hairstyle a bit, she creates a part that is uneven.
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style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition

Towel dry and then detangle damp using a wide tooth comb

With your fingers, evenly distribute a generous dollop of styling mousse through your locks

Starting at the middle of your left eye, use the edge of your comb and work backward and slightly off to the side to create a part

Blow dry your hair in small sections using a paddle brush.

Pull your hair down and slightly under as you dry, making sure you lift through the crown for an implementation of volume

Once your hair is fully dry, you can, if desired, roll the ends of your hair under with a large barrelled curling iron

Gently pinch the ends of your hair with fingers lightly coated in a hair wax or pomade to keep the ends looking glossy and defined

Mist lightly with hairspray for hold and control


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