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Brittanys Hair With "Gunshot Wound"

brittanys hairstyle

My Funky Short Hairstyle With "Gunshot Wound"

I constantly get hair compliments, so I though I would share. I am a cosmetologist, so hair is kinda my thing. I like to make my hair a bit messy, and I have to work at it because my hair is flat and straight.

Anyway, I like my hair to be spunky. to get that look, I get out of the shower, towel dry it, put some kind of paste-like product in it and blow dry it upside down, all crazy. then I take all the hair an inch or so above my ears and tease it straight up. hairspray it a bit, then comb it down with the end of a tail comb so it has that sexy oomph to it, but is not too crazy or too flat. fluff it up with your hands and add hairspray where it's necessary.

My hair is cut with a razor. all the hair an inch or so above my ears, except for my bangs, is combed straight up and cut evenly.This makes the layers short and spunky on top. and the rest of my hair is blunt cut with a razor.

To give my hair a unique twist, I add what i like to call "stick em ups" to my crown area. little pieces of hair that just stick straight up. i've also heard this technique referred to as a "gunshot wound."

Take a small chunk of hair in your crown area, twist it, and razor it about two inches from the head. this makes it look funky and choppy instead of uniform. depending on the texture of you hair, it will stick up on its own, or you might have to add product.
Brittanys Hair

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Brittanys Hair

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