Brittany Murphys Hairstyle

brittany-murphys-vintage-celebrity hairstyleWhat is old often becomes new again but usually with a slightly different flair. This is completely evident in Brittany Murphy’s hairstyle. Brittany is wear her locks sculpted into a vintage look that has a delightful modern feel.












It seems that many women, especially those of a younger generation do not feel comfortable wearing their hair back. Perhaps they have confused pulled back hair with school marms or librarians.

The backswept hairstyles of today, even the ones like Brittany Murphys hairstyle is that they are modeled after vintage hairstyles are not old fashioned and plain. If anything, they can be called sexy and seductive.

Back and boring are just not meant to be a part of the same sentence in a situation such as this. A hairstyle like Brittany Murphy’s vintage backswept curls also hold the advantage of being rather easy to style.

When you have a formal event that you need to attend, chances are excellent that you already have a lot of things on the go.

You need to worry about your dress, your shoes, the perfect accessories and so much more. Do you really want to add a complicated hairstyle to the mix as well?

With a backswept hairstyle like Brittany Murphy’s vintage creation you can rest easy that knowing if all else fails, you will be left with a perfect hairdo.

Adaptable for fine, medium and even thick locks with the right styling products, a backswept vintage hairstyle will compliment oval, oblong, square and heart face shapes.

Brittany Murphy chose to wear her updated vintage backswept hairstyle at the premier of her newest movie being shown at the AFI Festival.

To form this glamorous hairstyle, Brittany’s locks had been gently pinned off to the side

By doing this, you add definition to the form of your neck and face. With her smoky eyes and deep red lips Brittany looks every inch the sophisticated starlet that she is.

You can opt to pair a delicate hair accessory with your hairstyle like the flower that Brittany has or allow the hairdo to stand all on its own.


Brittany Murphys Hairstyle
Easy Style It Yourself At Home Instructions

back view vintage hairstyleStyle Hair Steps On damp, freshly washed hair, work a dollop of styling mousse evenly throughout your tresses.

Style Hair Steps Next apply a slight amount of moisturizer throughout your hair evenly.
Style Hair Steps Blow-dry your locks on low using a round brush.
Style Hair Steps With the end of your comb start at the middle of your left eye and work backward until you have an even left part.
Style Hair Steps With a large barreled curling iron, work in sections around your head until all of your hair is curled.
Style Hair Steps Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and pull over towards the right side and work your hair into a bun with the ends loose.
Style Hair Steps Carefully secure this bun gently with pins.
Style Hair Steps Use your curling iron to create more curl in the hair that remains free as desired. If you have a bit of a bang as Brittany does, this can also be curled.
Style Hair Steps Smooth some smoothing shine over your hair for shimmer.
Style Hair Steps Pin on a hair accessory of your choice if you so wish.
Style Hair Steps Mist generously with hairspray for hold.

Enjoy, this beautiful vintage hairstyle.



Brittany Murphys Hairstyle

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