Bridal Hairstyles Ideas For Young And Older Brides

Choose your Bridal hairstyles carefully, your style must blend with and compliment your Wedding dress, your Wedding theme, and most important you.

Your Bridal hair is one of the most important and beautiful elements in your wedding plans.

Every bride faces the decision of how to choose their Bridal hairstyle. These are just a few simple guidelines that will help you in your decision.

Your hair style as well as being flattering will have to hold up through walking, dancing, unlimited hugs, and pictures.

You should not need to think about, fuss with, or 'fix" your hair anytime throughout the day.

Sometimes a simple classic Bridal style, that does not overpower your dress can be the favored choice. The classic chignon is almost weather, body heat, and frizz proof.

Adding flowers, hair accessories, tiara, or veil will make the style a perfect wedding hair style.

romantic bridal hairstyle with veil

View the gallery below for styles that can be worn for the Bride, older Bride, Mother Of The Bride, or by members of your Wedding party.

Many of these classic Bridal styles, such as the up-swept Buns and low Chignons can be worn for Brides over 40 beautifully.

side swept bridal hairstyle

Book A Hair Rehearsal

A hair dress rehearsal or two is a must for Bridal hairstyles, especially the Bridal updos.

Book your appointment with your stylist well in advance of your wedding, taking with you your veil, tiara, flowers, anything that will adorn your hair with you.

Have these placed in your hair and wear for at least six hours, what happened during that six hours?

  • Did pins poke your scalp or feel uncomfortable?
  • Did hair spray that you usually do not wear make your scalp so itchy you could scream?
  • Did the odor of any hair spray give you a headache or any type of allergen reaction?
  • Did hair accessories stay securely in place?

Take your findings back to your stylist on your next appointment and make any needed adjustments.

side view romantic bridal hairstyle with veil

Bridal Hair Ideas

bridal hairstyle ideas

bridal close up

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Author: Tanna Mayer

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Bridal Hairstyles Ideas