Brenda Strong Hairstyle, A Simple Updo

brenda strong updo hairstyleBrenda Strong looks like anything but a Desperate Housewife in this alluring updo hairstyle. With her masterfully crafted features, Brenda Strong should opt to wear her locks back as often as she possibly can.

The 2007 Screen Actors Guild Awards were the right kind of event to show up wearing such an elegant updo hairstyle. Brenda Strong as always looked striking with her swept back tresses and artfully applied cosmetics.

The crown and sides of Brenda’s hair were teased and full of volume. Her hair was clipped back into what is a rather simple updo.

Many updo hairstyles require thick or at the very least locks that are medium in texture to hold the updo in place. Brenda Strong’s updo however is ideal for even fine tresses.

The main key to this updo hairstyle is keeping everything simple. The hairstyle itself is meant to be low key and easy. It is geared towards flattering your features and complimenting your face.

It is you and your beauty that are meant to be the focus of attention when you were an updo hairstyle like Brenda’s, not your locks.

If you have never styled an updo for yourself before, the upstyle hairdo that Brenda Strong is wearing is an excellent place to start. This is a very simplistic style that will not take long to achieve.

You really do not need to visit a salon to have a stylist create this smashing updo hairstyle for you. Allow yourself about a half of an hour to recreate the updo hairstyle that Brenda Strong wears.

If you wash your tresses the day before, which is recommended when creating an updo, you will have even more time to get your updo hairstyle just right.

You do not need to have super long locks to wear your hair in a fashionable updo like Brenda’s. As long as you posses enough hair to pin up, you can create an updo hairstyle. Although Brenda does not wear bangs, you can always implement your fringe into your hairstyle if necessary.

We all know how temperamental the weather can be. Every women is also aware of what a disappointment it can be to work hard to create a hairstyle that you are pleased with only to have the elements cause it to become destructed.

Thankfully, this simple and elegant updo hairstyle is geared towards lasting no matter what type of weather you may find yourself in.


Styling Steps - Brenda Strong Hairstyle


brenda strong side view

Whenever possible, work on hair that is not freshly washed. However, if you must wash, ensure that your tresses are thoroughly dry before starting to style.

Style Hair Steps Mist your hair lightly and evenly with spray gel. Always hold the product approximately three inches or so from your head.
Style Hair Steps Set your hair with large barreled hot rollers and remove once they have cooled.
Style Hair Steps Use a comb to tease your tresses lightly at the crown for volume.
Style Hair Steps Direct your locks back and away from your face.
Style Hair Steps Gather your hair at the nape of your neck lifting slightly. Twist your hair and form a loose bun that is secured to the back of your head with pins.
Style Hair Steps If desired, mist with spray shine for all night shimmer.
Spritz generously with hairspray to ensure long hold.



Brenda Strong Hairstyle

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