Breathing Techniques To Help Relax You For Sleep

Learn To Breathe To Relax

When you want to promote a natural method for feeling relaxed and at ease, there are a variety of breathing techniques and relaxation exercises you can try


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The deeper and slower that you breathe in these relaxation breathing techniques the more calm and tranquil you will feel.

Fresh air is yet another tool that can be utilized towards a natural, healthy sleep.

At night allow your window to remain open a few inches, this will let air circulate freely throughout your bedroom.

Breathing techniques and exercises are good methods for winding your body and mind down and allowing them to get ready for the sleep cycle.

Breathing Exercises To Relax

One breathing technique you can try when you first lay down to sleep is:
1. Start out by taking a deep breath.
2. While breathing in through your nose, imagine the air moving down towards your stomach.
3. As you inhale silently count to four.
4. Purse your lips as you exhale slowly.
5. This time count silently to eight.
6. Repeat this method six to ten times.

You will feel the positive effects from this breathing technique right away. Your shoulders and arms will begin to relax and your chest will feel free.

Also, you should notice an easing of any stress or tension that may be weighing you down.

This breathing and relaxing technique should be followed daily so that it turns into part of your routine, doing this will and help to induce natural sleep.

There are also a variety of other relaxation breathing exercises you can use to promote a natural sleep.

The aim behind relaxation exercises is to relax your mind, therefore allowing your body to calm down and submit to a peaceful sleep.

Breathing And Relaxation Techniques
Try the following relaxation exercise before you get into bed:

1. Lay on your back on the floor with your feet slightly apart, your hands by your sides, and your palms turned upward.
2. Close your eyes while focusing on every part of your body.
3. Starting at the top of your head, work your way down to your toes.
4. Start by feeling your forehead tense, then your eyes, face, and jaw.
5. Tense and release each muscle group, such as your shoulders and neck.
6. Give attention to each area of your body from the top of your head, down through the trunk of your body, down along your legs, and ending at the tip of your toes.
7. Stay in this relaxed condition for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing and let all worry and stress disperse from your mind and body. Make sure that your breathing comes from deep in your stomach and flows slowly and evenly.
8. Stretch slowly before standing.

The above breathing and relaxation techniques give your body and mind permission to just let go and release thoughts of worry, fear, and stress.

The aim with all of these breathing techniques is to reach the point where you can achieve a natural sleep.
Breathing And Relaxation Techniques

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