Your Breasts And Menopause

When a women gets breast pain or sore tender breasts, her mind automatically jumps to the worst case scenario - breast cancer.

There has been so much advertising and educational pieces about breast health and the warning signs of cancer, women naturally think the worst.

Any breast cancer survivor will tell you, flat-out, go get checked out. Who cares if they think your wonky - you're a live wonky and not a dead "cool person."

While breast pain can be a part of the menopause process, you want to go, get smashed and mashed, and get that sheet of paper that says nothing is wrong - come back in a year.

Breast pain from menopause will come upon you suddenly. Most of the time it will jump you before you are actually in full-blown menopause, so you are left scratching your head as to what the heck happened.

It is perfectly natural to have breast pain during menopause, and if you are getting checked regularly, there really isn't any reason to panic.

Depending on the woman, breast pain, soreness, and tenderness can range from mild, to moderate to somewhat intense.

There really is no way to gauge and it all depends on the woman's tolerance for pain that makes the experience incredibly bad or just a bit of a nuisance.

However, most women experience it to some degree right before or during menopause. With it comes swelling and tenderness.

Your breast feel heavier, larger and it is simply another sign of hormonal changes going on in your body.

Look at it this way - when you first have breast pain and go to the doctor and relate your symptoms, he will more than likely do a full exam with mammogram.

Then the doctor will tell you that it is normal breast pain associated with menopause.

It's all about perspective, and you'll find that if you think about it that way, it will become more of a pain in the neck than anything.

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Decreasing Your Breast Pain

There are a few known ways to decrease breast pain. Caffeine is a known cause of breast pain in that it it dilates vessels and stretches nerves.

Women have reported favorable results by cutting out much of the caffeine in their lives.

That morning cup of Joe needs to become caffeine-free. More dark green leafy vegetables will also help in that the fiber will flush out the excess estrogen in your body.

Less hormone overload = less pain. So toss the caffeine drinks and munch on some leafy stuff. Isn't menopause grand!

When does it stop is the usual question. Just like having breast pain during pregnancy, it also stops when menopause stops.

Which could amount to it goes away quickly or you could be in your 70s and still experiencing breast soreness. It's a crap shoot, and every woman's body is different.

Take heart though. You are just experiencing breast soreness. There's nothing actually wrong. Knowing that should make you happier with yourself.

Evening Primrose Oil And Kelp

Many women find relief by taking daily Evening Primrose Oil and Kelp supplements.

Change Your Bra

When your breasts are swollen and tender the bra that once fit you perfectly may now feel too small and tight. Try going up a size and try to wear a comfortable sports bra at least at home.

Physical Menopause Symptoms

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Breasts And Menopause