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Brazilian Waxing, A Sexy Urban Legend

The Brazilian wax may be a candidate for sexy Urban Legends, The story goes that the Brazilian wax made its debut in midtown Manhattan by the hands of the seven Pahida sisters, Joyce, Judseia, Jocely, Janea, Juracy, Jussara, Jocye, and Jonice. Yes, they are from Brazil!

The year was 1987 and the Brazilian wax took first New York and the rest of the world by storm. There is not trendy salon that does offer the service or an eyebrow raised when a woman makes an appointment for the wax.

Women now girl talk about the wax as casually as they do manicures, the only difference being you have to be a little braver for a Brazilian wax then you need to be for a manicure.

The desired results of the wax are removing all hair, both front and back that is usually covered by ones underwear. Your body is left smoother and barer than the day you were born.

The lines on bikinis and thong lines rose to even higher levels to accommodate this new fashion freedom. You may hear the Brazilian wax also called the thong wax or the playboy wax, however named it remains a procedure for the brave.

To help you decide if you are in the brave girl category, we will explain the procedure for you, half way through the waxing is not the ideal time to cancel the appointment! If you are not ready for a full Brazilian wax, there are still some very good choices for you. The standard bikini wax removes the hair around your actual bikini line.

The full bikini Wax removes most of your pubic hair, leaving only a small amount of hair on your mons pubis. If you are leaning towards the Brazilian Wax we recommend knowing before your appointment that the Salon or Spa that you choose must offer professional staff trained to do this waxing procedure.

Your costs should not be a deciding factor; this is not an area to try to save money. You can ask for the experience of the esthetician and to peek at the actual room where the waxing is takes place, if it is not spotless and fresh take it off your list. You may also ask to speak with the esthetician beforehand and have her answer any remaining questions you may have.

We have referred to the esthetician or waxer as "her”, many of these services are now done by males in this profession, check this beforehand and know if you will be comfortable with that.

During your Brazilian Wax

Be aware that you are having one of the most sensitive areas of your body waxed and that you will experience some discomfort.

Knowing what to expect beforehand will also help you relax during the process.

Your wax should be private in a closed area and a good spa or salon will never interrupt you appointment or the esthetician.

You will lie down and assume a position from the gynecologists, legs down, bringing your knees up.

Your pubic hairs are first trimmed to a quarter of an inch with a small pair of scissors.

When your triangle area is completely trimmed, wax will be applied to remove the remaining hair.

The wax ideally should be the low-temperature wax or the hard wax. This wax causes the least amount of discomfort and the one most commonly used.

The wax is at the right temperature when it is the consistency of pull candy or taffy. Before application, it will be treated by being smoothed over pre-waxing oil; this is an important step as the wax can be used without the strips that are normally used and prevents the wax from sticking to your skin.

As the wax cools down it tighten or if you will "shrink wrap” each individual hair, as it does so it will remove the hair by their roots.

This is the stage where the most discomfort is normally felt and this will lessen with repeated waxing.

Tweezers now gently remove any hairs the waxing may have left.

For the areas of the labia majora to be treated, you may to have to assume a few positions for all areas to be treated and a thorough job done.

At this stage a Esthetician or waxier may ask if you would all hair removed from your backside area, and will not flinch if you say no thank you, this is a personal choice and will depend mostly on your comfort level with having this done than your pain threshold.


The majority of women do have this area treated, maybe realizing there is probably not too much to keep private at this stage.

Once all waxing is completed, all areas are treated with soothing lotion and you are then done.

The whole procedure is usually completed quickly and if you have found a esthetician or waxer you are comfortable with you will stay loyal.

Whatever your reasons for having a Brazilian wax your results should, leave you hair free with smooth shiny skin.

Your results may last anywhere from just over a week to three weeks and you will have no maintenance during that time.


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