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Boys Mushroom Hairstyle And Haircut

boys mushroom hairstyle
mushroom hairstyle boys
mushroom haircut boys

Boys Mushroom Hairstyle

Persuading your son that a Mushroom Haircut is the look for him.

Are you looking for a new hairstyle or hair cut for your son? You may be finding it hard to choose. For one reason, your son just may not care. To him, hair is just something on his hair.

boys mushroom hair styleBut don't worry. As he grows older, he will have opinions on everything, including his hair (like it or not). For now, since he may not be giving you any or giving you much input, have you considered the mushroom haircut?

Yes, this may sound familiar. It was a popular haircut in the 90's. You may have had a boys mushroom hairstyle yourself or maybe your friends did.

The reason a boys mushroom hairstyle was so popular was because it was an easy cut and it was perfect for those who had thick, straight hair. These may be two of the reasons why we are still seeing this versatile cut today.

How is the cut different than it was from the 90's? The cut is a little shorter and the cut is up over the ears now. This shows the cut is different than the common bowl cut or your basic bob cut. Yet, it is similar to both.

Here is a look at some of the positive points of having your son's hair cut in this style:

It is easy for the stylist to cut. This will mean less time for your son to sit in the dreaded hair stylist chair.

It takes little to no care. Just comb, shampoo, dry (either towel and air dry or lightly blow dry), comb back into place or use a dab of mouse or styling gel to help tame the fly always.

It is a perfect style for thick and straight hair. But will also work on thinner hair, too.

It is out of your son's way for play and away from his face.

It looks good. If a big event is coming up soon, it will be easy for you to get him ready and looking great, with no hassle (at least not with his hair).

The only upkeep is shampooing and a trim in 4 to 6 weeks (depending on hair growth).

boys mushroom hairstyleWhat can you say to help get your son excited or interested in getting his hair cut in a boys mushroom hairstyle?

You could tell him how handsome he will look. If he groans, then you could go on and point out these positives:

Short hair means less time shampooing.
The hair won't be getting into his face and in his way. This could make a certain game or a certain activity easier to take part in or play.
He won't be mistaken for a girl.
Many famous stars (site a beloved famous person he idolizes) has short hair.
Short hair means less time combing his hair
Tell him that his father had this cut when he was a boy

When all else fails, make a deal with him. Promise him that if he allows his hair to be cut in the way you want (in the mushroom cut) you will take him to his favorite fast food place or buy him a small present.

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your little boy can be a hard task, but if you try a boys mushroom hairstyle you may find that is the perfect choice for both you and your son.


boys mushroom haircut

Alan's Boys Mushroom Hairstyle

"Well. Back in the beginning 1992 i had very long hair and i always keep playing with it. I was 9 years old. Then my Mom throw me in the Barber shop and the Barber lady like me a lot.

She look at me and gave me a heavenly cute haircut. We called Mushroom style. And today you can see me with Mushroom haircut. Today i do that my self. No Barber anymore. You can save Money.

By the way! I like Techno music and it match for Ravers."

Boys Mushroom Hairstyle

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