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Boys Faux Hawks Styling

boys-faux-hawk-haircutThere are many popular hairstyles emerging for young boys. One of the most popular styles is the boy’s faux hawk.

Many parents search diligently on styling steps for particular styles, only to find that the resources are very limited.

Our boy's hair section is a great place to find styling steps and popular hairstyles that are suitable for today’s young boy.

In this article, you will find the steps that are necessary to achieve the boys faux hawk style.

These steps are easy and can be performed without the assistance of a professional hairstylist.

If your son is interested in this hairstyle, you are sure to find this guide particularly helpful!

boys-faux-hawk-hairstyle style steps The first step to achieving the boy’s faux hawk is to establish the right "cut”. The proper haircut is essential to the proper style.

The sides of the hair should be cut at least one inch. The top of the hair should be left a little longer.

This will help to ensure that the hawk is able to be created. The length of the hair at the top of the head is entirely up to you and the height of the boy’s faux hawk that is desired.

Many parents may elect to choose something as small as a two to three inch hawk while others may elect to go a bit higher in height.

style steps Once the hair is cut appropriately for this particular hairstyle, it is time to get ready for the style.

The first step is to ensure that the hair is wet. Wet hair is much easier to style in general. The top middle of the hair should be swept in an upward motion.

Once this is completed, mousse and/or hair styling gel should be applied to ensure that the boy’s faux hawk is held in place.

There are many hairstyling products that can prove to be effective in ensuring a firm hold with this hairstyle.

It is important to watch for allergies with any hair product that you use. Many times, children may react to certain boys-faux-hawk-hairstyleproducts more so than adults.

style steps Once the hairstyling product has been placed in the hair, it is important to get out the hairdryer and place it on a low setting. If there is a "cool” setting on the dryer, this is most effective.

The boys faux Mohawk should be brushed up and dried. Once the hair is dry, it is important to reapply the mousse, or other hairstyling product, and apply some hairspray in order to reinforce the style and hold it in place.

style steps On a last note, when creating the boys faux Mohawk, there are a number of added enhancements that may be put into place. For example, designs may be shaved in and styled on the sides of the hair.

Little lightening bolts, zigzags, and similar effects may be placed on the sides of the hair.

This help adds some luxury to the general style. In addition to this, it portrays the overall "cool” appearance that many boys want to accomplish with the boys faux Mohawk.

The boys faux Mohawk is a very popular style with both young boys and parents.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge style that your son will love, this is it!

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