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Box Bangs, A Trendy Bangs Style

Having the right cut when it comes to bangs can really define your appearance. One of the most popular trends when it comes to bangs is the ever-popular "box bangs". These bangs are cut in such a way that they go over the entire length of the forehead.

box bangs

Many times, this style of bangs are worn with hairstyles like the bob, and many even wear this style of bangs with perms. Here, you will learn the techniques that are involved in creating the look and feel associated with this style and cut.

This bang style is a beautiful style that is appropriate for women who wish to bring out the natural beauty of their unique facial features. It is also great to cover up wide, long foreheads. If you want to mix the elements of style and class, you too should consider the box bangs hairstyle!

It is quite easy to achieve the box bangs hairstyle that so many women are seeking today. When you attempt this, it is important to gather a few necessary supplies.

First, you will need scissors that are of the highest cutting quality. Next, you will need a basic styling comb and a mirror. You may also elect to purchase some styling gel in order to achieve the style that you are seeking. Many may even elect to use a razor – however, this is not necessary.


How To Cut Bangs

In order to cut your bangs in the "box” style, you will need approximately fifteen minutes, and a good steady hand. This is a moderately easy task in that the only complication you may face in achieving this cut is the nervousness that you may encounter while conducting the cut if you are not accustomed to this. The steps are as follows:

cutting box bangsstyle steps The first thing that you should do when attempting to cut your hair into the box bangs hairstyle is to make certain that your hair is completely dry.

If you cut wet hair, you will find that when it becomes dry, the hair will shrink and result in your bangs being much shorter than you anticipated.

If your hair is wet by chance, you can elect to allow it to dry naturally, or you can hair dry it to speed up the process. The choice is entirely yours. However, I recommend allowing the bangs to dry naturally so that they do not frizz prior to the cut.

style steps Now, you will want to take a comb and section off the hair that will not be cut. You can section it off in any way that you wish, but it is important that you only leave the hair down that is to be cut. Now, you should divide up the bangs, exactly in half, and comb one section straight down.


You should then rest the comb on the area of the brows, or just below. Once this is accomplished, you should only cut as high as the combs rests on the face.

style steps Now, you should take the scissors and start cutting the bangs in a snip-lack fashion. You should only cut the bangs in at an angle. When you complete one section, it is time to move on to the next section. When creating box bangs, you should work carefully to ensure that you cut the bangs straight across the entire width of the forehead. This is extremely important.


The Box Bang


box bangs bob
box bangs curly hair
box bang long hair
box bangs teen hairstyle
box bangs box bangs layered hair


Ideas for the box bang look that is so trendy for bangs style, working for all ages, hair textures, and hair lengths.
Also know as the bob bang, as it is so often the bang cut with a classic bob haircut as above.


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