Bonnie Raitts Hairstyle ~ Something To Talk About!

Bonnie Raitts hairstyle blows the old-fashioned hair rule about older women needing to cut their locks right out of the water.

Not only does country singer Bonnie Raitt look wonderful in her long wavy locks; she is also a shining example that shows that your hairstyle should also be fun.

Bonnie Raitt uses her hair to allow people a glimpse at her free spirited personality. Do not let your age stop you from having a blast with your hairstyle.

When your locks look as good long as Bonnie Raitts hairstyle does, there is no reason to clip them off when you reach a certain birthday number!

Really, the only thing that is essential when it comes to wearing your tresses with a lot of length is to make certain that you keep your hair healthy with regular trims.

This is something that should be done regardless of your age anyway.

Bonnie Raitt And That Light Streak

bonnie raitts light streak

That light streak in Bonnie Raitts hairstyle is her signature look and she wears it well.

It is obvious that the deep, slightly intense color of Bonnie's hair is not exactly a product of Mother Nature.

Again, this is Bonnie Raitt's way of letting her personality dictate how her locks look. I think we would all agree that she does a first rate job of this!

Instead of trying to replicate the shade that you were born with, sometimes it is fun to work with a color that is decidedly from a bottle. Have a good time choosing a color, just assure that you touch up your roots as necessary.

Her Hair And Skin Tone Blend Beautifully

Although Bonnie Raitt uses an enjoyable hue on her long, wavy hair, the shade she chose compliments her skin tone perfectly. If you are not certain what color you should go with, consult a professional for help.

The right hair color will flatter your flesh where as a color not meant for you can wash you out or make your complexion ruddy.

Bonnie Raitt's long, wavy locks have been given body and shape thanks to angled layers which were cut in from the mid lengths on downward.

Without the aid of layers, often times, long locks can become heavy and hard to style.

bonnie raitts hairstyle

Styling Steps - Bonnie Raitts Hairstyle

  • Shampoo and condition your hair with products for your tresses type.
  • Towel dry and work a dab of gel into the roots of your locks.
  • Distribute a palm-full of mousse evenly throughout your hair.
  • Use the tail end of your comb and starting from the middle of your left eye; work your way back until you have an even left part.
  • Clip your hair into small, manageable sections that will be easier to work with.
  • Using a round brush, blow-dry the back of your hair under.
  • The sides of your hair will also need to be dried under while using a round brush.
  • Once your locks are fully dry, use a medium barreled curling iron and work your way around your head creating curls as desired.
  • With wax on your fingers, piece the ends of your tresses and lift the roots at the crown of your head.
  • A small amount of smoothing shine can now be working from the mid lengths of your hair down.
  • A small amount of hairspray will keep your hairstyle under control.

bonnie raitts hair

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Bonnie Raitts Hairstyle
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Bonnie Raitts Hairstyle