Bodyblade Exercise Review

Body Blade Exercise Equipment

In an effort to get in shape we look to the experts to come up with more choices for us. One piece of equipment they gave us to try is the Bodyblade. It resembles a sword and is meant to work the core and get you in shape.

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The premise behind a lot of the workout equipment today is simplicity and fast efficient workouts. Working longer is not necessarily better. Did the Bodyblade catch on and does it really work? Let’s look a little closer at what it is. The body blade is a long slender apparatus that looks like a blade. It has a handle in the middle and is completely flexible.

It only weighs a few pounds and ranges in size from 2 ½ to 5 feet long. But can reportedly strengthen the core muscles of the abs and the back. The Bodyblade is geared mainly towards people who are going through rehabilitation as well as athletes. But it can be used by anyone. Old and young alike can use the piece of equipment to shape their muscles.

The benefit is mostly anaerobic. This is what happens when you perform strength training exercises. The change is in your muscles which are utilized to burn fat. It can have an aerobic benefit but that is not its main purpose.

How Bobyblade Works

This is how it is supposed to work. The Bodyblade uses the forces created when you shake the blade to challenge the muscles and your sense of balance. You hold the Bodyblade with one or both hands and start to shake it.

When you get the motion going, the ends of the Bodyblade begin to move. As you shake harder, they respond by moving faster. The blade ends can shake as much as 270 times in a minute. According to the creators, that means that your muscles have to contract that many times to keep the instrument stable and moving.

Standing in different positions holding the Bodyblade challenges different muscle groups. How many calories does the Bodyblade burn? The creators can’t say. It all depends on the person and how fast they shake the blade. If this sounds dubious, it’s meant to entice you into buying the item and give it a try. Weigh the pros and cons because your money might get better use somewhere else.

What About Resistance

What about resistance? It comes from the Bodyblade once again. The farther you hold the blade away from the body, the harder it is to make it move and move fast. This is one of those exercise fads that sound too good to be true. Even if it helps with rehabilitation, there are easier and more effective ways to tame the musculature of your body.
Invest in free weights.


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Bodyblade Exercise Review

Bodyblade Exercise Review
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