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Exercising at Home: Using your Body Weight

There are a number of reasons why people decide to join a gym. Whether they are tired of packing around extra pounds, it is the start of a New Years resolution or the decision is based on any other ground, loosing weight is on the top of most to do lists. Typically, gym memberships are on the rise at the beginning of a new year. People tend to want to start a new year fresh and to become fit.












Instead of jumping on that bandwagon and shelling out your hard earned money, it is worth giving consideration to work out at home and use or own body instead of hard to manoeuvre machines doing body weight exercises.

Sure, you can avoid the gym and purchase equipment meant to use from home, but why bother? Most of the time, those said machines simply turn into an expensive clothes hanger and your no closer to your ideal body shape than you were before!

You can easily watch the pounds melt away while gaining muscle tone and strength as you desire with nothing more than your own body. The key is to know which exercises will benefit you the most and to do your work out routine with regular consistency.

Push ups are a perfect exercise for giving your triceps, chest and abs the work out that they need. Start out by kneeling on the floor until you have enough arm strength to begin your push ups on your toes.

Forget sit ups and instead do crunches for flat abs. Push your lower back into the floor and curl up until you are at about 45 degrees. To work your sides, twist yourself towards the outside of your body. If it is your lower abs that need to be tones, simply hold your upper body still and raise your hips.

Give your body the cardiovascular activity it craves with an invigorating walk for about 30 to 60 minutes as many days of the week as possible.

Bring back childhood memories when doing body weight exercises and make yourself feel young again by doing jumping jacks. Just five to ten minutes of this fun activity will offer you a fabulous cardio workout. If you do not have a lot of time daily, do not worry- exercise adds up. Do as much as you can for as long as you can as many times a day as possible and you will still see the benefits pile up.

When the weather keeps you stuck in doors, it does not have to mean a set back in your workout routine. You can always jump rope, do squats or lunges or anything that will get your heart rate pumping.

Remember that as your body adjusts to activity you will need to consider implementing hand weights into your regimine of body weight exercises to continue to see the benefits you want.

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