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Body wave perms are quickly making their way to the forefront of hair fashion. Before you laugh, do not worry, these perms are not the poodle curls or curly perm from years ago.

Ladies who are looking for curly or wavy hair in our modern world, are opting to try out a body wave perm to have the bounce to their hairstyle that they are looking for.

This style of loose perm will provide your hair with the movement and volume that you desire.

It is dependent on the natural texture, condition, and natural body of your hair at the time of your body wave in how it will turn out.

If you have stick straight locks, you will generally receive large curls to leave you will a gentle wave.
If however, your locks already contain a slight wave, your natural kink will be enhanced by your stylist paying particular attention to the bottom layers of your tresses.

Generally large rollers and a powerful setting solution will be used.
Generally, it will take you about an hour and a half to have your hair put into your perm depending on the length of your locks. You can expect your hair to typically shrink about one and a half inches.
Perm Styles ~ A body wave perm can be described as a perm that is done with large rods. However, if your hair is short or has layers some smaller rods may need to be used.
The reason that many women turn towards a perm for their hair is to be provided with texture and body. This perm style will give your hair shaft more diameter and make it appear more thick.

This perm style perm is not used to implement curls into your hair. This means that the size of the rods used on your locks are determined by the length of your tresses.

You want the rod to be big enough to allow your hair to wrap around it about 1-1/2 to 2 times as it is being rolled end-to-scalp.
If you are looking for a way to provide your hairstyle with some additional body, then this soft perm may be the perfect solution for you.
There are numerous things this perm can do such as to change the direction your hair flows in, or even simply to make it possible to stop using your curling iron. This perm style is often used to tame natural curls that always seem to be out of control.
For those who wonder, the only real difference between a body wave and a regular perm is in the way that the rods are placed in your hair and the size that the rods happen to be. Other than that, a body wave and regular perms are rather similar perm styles.
The size of the rod used, the amount of hair that is wrapped around each rod, and the power of the solution are what will effect how your body wave perm turns out.

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