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Body Massage Spa

Body Massage

Discover Massage Spas

Almost all spas offer massage amongst their range of treatments.

At one end of the spectrum we have luxury spas, awash with all types of facility from flotation chambers to salt water hydrotherapy pools, that will also have a wide menu of massage and other well-being treatments.

At the other end are the often no less sumptuous treatment rooms, which are perhaps more akin to a ‘body massage spa’.

Here the emphasis tends to be on treatments that are administered by a therapist, rather than water and heat based facilities where the act of being in them is the therapy in itself.

So What Is Body Massage?

The dictionary definitions are quite straightforward. It is a process of rubbing, manipulating and stimulating parts of the body in order to increase and improve circulation, reduce pain and also encourage relaxation.

But of course in reality is much less simple. In fact there are over 150 different types of massage.

From ancient Far Eastern techniques to sports therapy and pregnancy massages. The list is both extensive and all encompassing.

Canyon Ranch Spa

The sumptuous Canyon Ranch Spa club, located on the stunning Cunard liner Queen Mary 2, offers it’s patrons nearly 30 different massage treatments in addition to their aqua-therapy centre and state of the art fitness facilities.

Their menu incorporates many modern massage styles - from their signature Canyon Ranch massages, sports massage and even a special one designed to reduce seasickness, to a range of Asian massages including Thai, Reiki and Shiatsu.

Enjoy. Relax. Unwind.

Lincoln Park Massage Spa

At the Lincoln Park Massage Spa in Chicago, Illinois, they concentrate on massage therapies and body treatments.

Here you can find Swedish massage, with it’s long strokes and use of oils and creams that relieves tension, helps remove toxins from the body and promotes relaxation.

Alternatively their deep tissue and sports massage is designed to be therapeutic, working its way deep into the muscles to release the fibres and also helping to reduce scar tissue.

Hot Stone Therapy

A popular form of massage is hot stone therapy. Lincoln Park includes a hot stone massage based on ancient Native American techniques, using warmed basalt river rocks that are applied to the body using Swedish massage movements.

As with most massage facilities they also have a range of massages and treatments for moms to be, but they have also take this one step further and included something for soon to be dads as well.

Their 60 minute massage with aromatherapy oils, followed by a heated neck wrap and some herbal tea is designed to leave the expectant father rejuvenated and ready for the new arrival.

Some spas and treatment rooms specialize in specific types of massage. In the UK the KuBu treatment rooms in upmarket Henley on Thames is run by Indonesian born masseur Eileen Soriton and offers only Balinese treatments and massage.

Ushvani Day Spa

Meanwhile in stylish south west London the Ushvani day spa focuses on the massages and treatments of South East Asia.

Spas that specialize in the oriental techniques are understandably more commonplace in such exotic locations as Bali and Malaysia, but the ethos and availability of these traditional massages can now be found in many spas the length and breadth of America and Europe.

This leaves exponents of massage in the lucky position of being able to enjoy their remedial and relaxing benefits without having to travel half way across the world.

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Body Massage Spa
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