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bob for fine hair

Judy Craymer’s wispy Bob is just one version of the most popular hairstyle of all time. Bob’s are favoured by women of all ages and hair types for good reason, their versatility knows no bounds.

It is this adaptability that often draws a mature woman like Judy Craymer to a Bob. Not only can a Bob be adapted to hair types like Judy’s fine locks, but they can also be used to artfully hide certain features - in Judy’s case, she has a wide nose that appears much more narrow with this hairstyle.

Judy Craymer has her wispy Bob hairstyle snipped with a number of long layers that cause your eye to focus down instead of across, making her nose appear to be slimmer.

The light bangs and volume throughout the crown of Judy Craymer’s wispy Bob hairstyle offer a look of fullness and body that her fine locks actually do really not have.

Although this wispy Bob hairstyle is obviously a fantastic choice for mature women with fine hair, with any necessary modifications, it is also suitable for ladies off all ages with any hair type.







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~ Bob For Fine Hair

Wash your hair with products suitable for your hair type
Detangle locks with a wide tooth comb and then work a palmful of styling mousse through damp hair
Spritz a small amount of volumizer throughout the crown and roots of your hair
Work in small sections using a rounded brush while blow drying your hair. When drying the crown and roots, lift your hair with the brush to provide volume
The sides and back of your hair can be dried down, with the ends being rolled slightly under. Your bangs can be dried under as well as to either side for an extra light look
When dry, use a comb to backcomb the crown of your hair until you are satisfied with the amount of volume
Mist with a very light hairspray for hold as fine locks are easily weighed down



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Bob For Fine Hair
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