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Blue Hair Color, Change Hair Color To Bold Blue

Funky blue hair color is quickly becoming one of the latest trends when it comes to hairstyles. This is especially true when it comes to teenagers and young adults. There are many creative styles that can be accomplished by using psychedelic blue hair color.

long side swept bangs blue streaks

Hairstyles for all face shapes can be accomplished by using this type of hair color.

Here, you will learn the process for dying the hair funky blue, as well as some techniques that are popular when it comes to funky blue hair color styles.

The following steps will outline the procedure for dying all of your hair blue. If you want to achieve blue streaks, blue highlights, or a blue color tint under the hair, the proper adjustments must be made.

We will discuss these adjustments a bit later. For now, here are the basic steps for applying blue hair dye:

style steps The first step to applying funky blue hair color is to purchase a hair lightening or hair bleaching kit. You should follow the directions on the container and apply to all of your hair.

Depending on the color that you currently have, you may need more than one lightening kit. Furthermore, individuals who have thick hair and hair that is long in length may need to apply more than one bottle of hair lightener. When you have achieved an extremely light color, preferably a white or yellow color, you are ready for the next step.

style steps Once the hair lightener has remained in the hair for an appropriate amount of time, you should rinse it out thoroughly. It is important that you avoid placing shampoo and conditioner in the hair. Other hair products should be avoided as well.

Once this step has been performed, it is important to ensure that you use a hair dryer and thoroughly dry all of your hair. This will assist in the lightening process, and will make it easier to apply the funky blue hair color when the time comes.

style steps Now, you are ready to prepare your blue hair color. When you have prepared the mixture, and are ready top apply it, it is important that you begin at the roots and work your way out. You should do this to maintain balance of color. It is important that every single strand of hair is thoroughly saturated.

You should leave the hair color to set for approximately one hour, unless the instructions on the box state otherwise. Many individuals actually attempt to dry the hair while the hair dye is in. This has been found to assist in setting the color.

Once it is time to get the hair color out, you simply rinse with cold water. The typical rule is that you should rinse the hair until the water runs clear. Keep in mind that this may take some time, but should be done.

As stated previously, there are many different ways to apply funky blue hair color. This may include streaks, highlights, and under the hair blue coloring. If you wish to achieve these looks, it is quite simple.

You will want to separate the strands that you do not wish to dye with the funky blue hair color and simply dye the areas that you do want to color. You may want to purchase a highlighting kit that comes with supplies to achieve this look. When all else fails, a professional may need to be implemented.


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