Blu Cantrell Hairstyle, A Take From The Disco Days Hair

blu cantrellThe seventies may have been more than 30 years ago, but the hairstyles inspired from those disco days are back with a sassy modern attitude

Blue Cantrell shows us exactly how you should fashion an updated 70’s feathered hairstyle.

She lets this cheeky hairstyle take her out on the town with spunky style.

Blue Cantrell even has the hair shade down pat. A flirty blonde hue makes this sassy, modern, feathered hairstyle come alive.

Never the less if your locks are a different color you can still wear this updated feathered hairstyle.

Something that is always important is wearing the right cosmetic shades for you. Blu Cantrell’s make-up choices are superior.

They work together with the shade of her locks and the tone of her skin to create an end result that is full of style.

Medium to fine hair types will have no problem being sculpted into a funky, feathered hairdo like Blu’s.

You can attempt and most likely achieve this look if you have thick locks it is just apt to take a bit more time and hair products.

The length of Blu’s locks fall to just below her shoulders. With very little layers throughout, she has a simple time of creating her feathered hair fashions.

Although able to be adapted for practically every face shape, you are bound to find your locks looking their best when they are paired with oval, oblong, heart, triangular or square faces.

You should start styling your modern, feathered hairstyle well in advance of the time you are expected to be somewhere. It can take upwards of thirty minutes to make this hairstyle come alive.


Styling Steps Blu Cantrell Hairstyle


blue cantrell sexy dress
Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with products designed for the current shape that your hair is in.
A very little amount of hair moisturizer can be applied evenly throughout your locks with your fingers. This will help guard your hair against the heat from styling tools.
Style Hair Steps Sculpture lotion comes next and can be distributed in exactly the same manner.
Style Hair Steps Detangle your locks carefully with a wide tooth comb. A right part should be created in your hair by using the tail end of your comb. Begin at the middle of your right eye and work backwards until you have a neat part.
Style Hair Steps Section your hair in clips, as it is far easier to work with tinier amounts of hair at one time.
Style Hair Steps A medium sized round brush can be used while blow-drying. Medium brushes do the duel job of smoothing while implementing body.
Style Hair Steps The back of your hair will need to be dried under, as will the sides. When drying your crown, lift so you can offer your tresses some beautiful body and volume.
Style Hair Steps A medium curling iron should be used to create curl around your head.
Style Hair Steps The ends of your hair can be pieced and pinched with hair wax on your fingers. The roots of your locks will need to be lifted with your waxy fingertips.
Style Hair Steps Smoothing shine rubbed between your palms can be gently ran over your tresses.
Style Hair Steps A misting of hair spray is just the ticket for finishing off this sassy, feathered hairstyle.


Blu Cantrell Hairstyle


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