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Blow Drying Tips

Blow drying tips for that blow dryer you got for Christmas 10 years ago.

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If a hand held blow dryer has made it's way into your home by way of your stylist's recommendation to maintain your new style or by way of a gift from the grand kids to help grandma get with it, you can master this hair styling tool for great results.

For many of today's styles the logical consequence of daily hair washing is, of course, daily hair drying, which most women nowadays accomplish with the aid of a hand held electric blow-dryer.

Blow-drying is not only a quick and easy means of drying even the fullest head hair, but in the right hands serves as a marvelous styling tool as well.

In addition, blow drying—if done correctly— can be less taxing to the hair than old-fashioned towel drying: You're unlikely, for example, to accidentally snap and fray strands along the hairline with a blow-dryer the way you can when rubbing forcefully with a towel.

The most common problem with blow-drying, in fact, is not the blow-dryer, but the person holding the handle.

Too often, she's either in a huge rush to get her hair dried fast, and so operates the machine at its maximum power setting; or she absolutely refuses to leave the house with even slightly damp hair, and so runs the device until every last root is not just dry but positively parched.

The outcome in both instances is the same: The hair becomes extremely dry and brittle because it's constantly being stripped of the natural hydrolipidic film (a mixture of sebum and water) that helps keep it soft and supple under ordinary circumstances.

As the overdrying continues, split ends develop, luster is diminished, and moisture-starved hairs weaken to the point that they snap at the touch of a comb.

Easy Blow Drying Techniques

The obvious solution is to blow your hair dry, not blow it away. Use these blow drying techniques to get the best results from your new blow dryer.

  • Set your dryer on low or moderate heat, never high, and dry the hair in sections, lifting gently to expose the roots as you go.
  • Work slowly and methodically, but keep it moving. If you linger on any one spot long enough to make your hair or scalp feel hot to the touch, you have overstayed your welcome. Stop when the hair looks dry, but still feels a tad damp, especially at the roots.
  • Then let the air finish the job while you dress and have breakfast. Last, if you use mousse, gel, or hair spray, wait until your hair has air-dried completely before applying them. Most hair styling products won't bind as well to a slightly moist hair strand as they will to one that has dried fully.

I hope these blow drying tips give you confidence to use a blow dryer, as useful as they are for dusting silk plants they are also a great hair styling tool!

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Updated February 21, 2012

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