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Blonde Hair Makeover

A blonde hair makeover lets teenage girls with blonde hair choose from a lot of hairstyle and makeup options. In order to look great, girls can take advantage of professional tips designed to accentuate their best assets and provide them with a highly attractive appearance.

Blondes Before And After Hair Makeover

Teen Makeover for Blondes

Flattering Makeup for Blonde Teens

blonde teen before makeover pictureThe number one makeup rule for blonde teens is that they can wear pretty much any color as long as the shade is not too intense. Blondes need to select light shades and pastels because these are the only tones compatible with the light color of their hair. Dark makeup colors reveal too much contrast between the blonde's appearance and their makeup, and dramatic looks are not exactly suitable for teenagers.

Proper eye shadow colors for teenage girls' makeovers include light shades like ivory, pink, peach, beige, champagne and gold and as far as eyeliners are concerned, dark brown is the shade most recommended. Natural blondes have very light colored eyelashes therefore a brown mascara is perfect for providing definition and a flirty aspect to their eyelashes. When it comes to blondes, brown mascara is always preferred instead of black.

A teen makeover for blondes should be realized taking into account that foundations with yellow undertones seem to preserve the natural aspect of their skin complexion whilst pink and peach blushes are perfect for providing a youthful, healthy look. Natural lipstick colors such as light pink, peach or rose look amazing on blonde teenage girls, whilst bright reds can be used on special occasions.

Hair Shades for a Blonde Hair Makeover

teen blondes after makeover pictureThe most important thing in acquiring a great look has to do with selecting the right shade of blonde. Blonde teenage girls can choose from an array of hair shades from super light blonde lock to richer tones of gold and honey.

When selecting the proper shade of blonde, girls need to consider their skin tone in order to achieve the perfect match. Skin complexions that are too fair are not complimented by a bright blonde hair whilst darker skins look best when paired with warmer hair tones.

Teenage girls that are displeased with overly fine hair can create depth and texture by using highlights. The proper shade of highlights is the one that is two or three tones lighter than the person's natural hair color as anything lighter than this could cause the skin complexion to look washed out.

Cute Hairstyles for Blonde Teens

Blonde hair, especially when it comes to natural blondes tends to have a flat, lifeless appearance therefore a successful blonde hair makeover needs to be made whilst taking into account the means for adding volume to the hair. Short and medium lengths are perceived as best for blonde girls, whilst layered hairstyles are highly recommended to work in the advantage of girls with delicate, thin hair.

Hair accessories such as head bands can enhance the beauty of blonde hair and can be worth including in a blonde hair makeover without requiring additional volume. Blonde teens can also achieve great looks by twisting their hair into flattering arrangements such as ponytails, buns or French twists.

Enjoy, a blonde hair makeover

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Updated December 7, 2011

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