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Blonde Black Hairstyles

blonde black hairstyle

African American women are learning that they can color their locks and be as stylish as they wish with blonde black hairstyles.

Blonde black hairstyles offer an effective way for African American Women to show off their sense of style and personality with their hairstyle.

Not only is this particular hairstyle eye catching, with an appealing shade that adds enormous amounts of volume, but it works well with the natural flow and growth of African American Hair.

Just like women of all other races, African American females are often on the lookout for cuts and styles that will offer them freedom from intensive hair care but still offer a look to die for. Blonde black hairstyles are exactly what the hair doctor ordered when African American females want an easy look that appears to take hours in a salon chair.

There is however, a certain amount of maintenance that goes into keeping up your color, however- with results this great, the time is worth it! This blonde black hairstyle has had some layers snipped artfully throughout so that it falls gently around the face, while offering a chic and sassy side that easily shines through.

A hairstyle like this one is what you could almost call wash and wear- if you want it to be! Some styling gel applied throughout with your fingers and some careful scrunching would take you anywhere casual on your agenda.

However, if you want your hairstyle to be slightly more polished, it can easily be adapted to meet your needs. In fact, there is enough length in this hairstyle to clip the sides back with some jewelled barrettes or even to create a sophisticated faux updo with a stunning edge of glamour.







style steps hairstyles for older women

style step Wash you hair using products designed for African American as well as colour treated tresses.

style step Towel dry gently and work out any tangles with care.

style step With your fingers, work in a dollop of styling gel, scrunching and arranging your locks as you go. At this point an anti-frizz serum for African American hair can be utilized.

style step Blow dry on a medium height using a diffuser attachment to prevent frizz. Once your hair is fully dry, use a pomade or light styling cream on any areas with fly away hair or on sections that need to be touched up.

style step Mist lightly with hairspray if desired.


Although it is of course possible to tint your tresses at home, it is always wise, especially the first time you opt to colour your locks blonde, that you visit a salon and have it done by a trained professional. You really do not want to run the risk of the style you have dreamed about to end up becoming a nightmare that you are stuck with!

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