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Once upon a time, there was a marvelous and hip spa called Bliss – and the name truly fit. Based initially out of New York, these spas became highly sought after by the rich and famous, well-known for their unique and almost magical spa treatments as well as a fun and fuss-free atmosphere – including unusual spa additions like a brownie buffet and R & B tunes.

The cult status ultimately could no longer be reined in, and the brilliant minds behind Bliss launched several additional spas throughout the country as well as an amazing product line so that ladies all over the world could have access to their own little piece… of Bliss.

Bliss goodies range from delicious smelling soaps and body lotions to anti-cellulite products that actually do what they claim to ultra-hydrating, anti-aging creams that’ll have you looking younger than ever. While they do have a bit of a high end price tag, there are enough die hard Bliss fanatics around that will undoubtedly inform you that they are worth every penny. And the simple but definitely not ordinary packaging in blues, yellow, and white and the super cute product names certainly don’t hurt their universal appeal.

Bliss Body Firming Treatments

A particularly loved group of products are the anti-dimple, firming body treatments including Fat Girl Slim, Fat Girl Sleep, and the Love Handler (told you the names were cute). Fat Girl Sleep is the aforementioned anti-cellulite cream that is chockablock full of caffeine which is known for its firming and smoothing abilities and over the course of a few weeks will tighten and contour those troublesome jiggly areas.

Even more so when paired with the nighttime companion Fat Girl Sleep, which is a lavender scented cream that will help firm and smooth your hips, thighs, and booty while you sleep! And to get your midriff bikini ready, there is the Love Handler, a tummy toning gel that will actually whittle your waist.

Another unique product is the model favorite Thinny Thin Chin, slimming and firming cream aimed at double chins and chubby necks. (see full review here)

There are also a slew of uniquely scented and completely delicious bath lines, including aromas like blood orange and white pepper, and vanilla and bergamot, and the original lemon and sage. Available in sets including decadent body cream, super sloughing sugar scrubs, and foamy luscious shower gels, these luxurious interpretations of everyday use products will have you feeling like a star in your own bathroom in no time! And you’ll love spa-strength goodies like the hot salt scrub that is a self-heating super skin smoother.

And for tired tootsies, Bliss offers the most delightfully softening gel lined booties for quick-like hydration and heel-healing. Their Softening Socks and Glamour Gloves (for hands) work like magic when used with their Softening Sock Salve or Glamour Glove Gel, respectively.

Bliss Makeup Review


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