Blessed With Freckles

If you are blessed with Freckles consider yourself a lucky gal. Your Freckles really are lovely and for far too long, women have slaved to hide and cover every freckle.

Instead of feeling free to bond with these natural beauty marks, they have felt the need to disguise them, or even do away with them completely using a variety of cosmetic, over the counter and homemade remedies.

redhead with freckles face, neck, shoulders

Sadly, many women think they are often thought of as something to be ashamed of. Thankfully, nothing is further from the truth. Accepting your freckles is the first step towards being able to embrace them completely.

Where Freckles Appear

Generally a few shades darker than your skin color, freckles come in all shapes, sizes and of course, amounts. They can appear virtually anywhere on your body. Some ladies will have a delicate sprinkling on their nose only, while others will also sport a smattering on their shoulders as well, still others have freckles appearing on various parts of their bodies including arms, the palms of hands, soles of their feet and even toes. On the face they most commonly appear on the nose, eyelids, lips and cheek area.

How Do You Get Freckles?

There are many reasons why a woman can find herself with freckles, often times it is hereditary. Whether or not you were born with your freckles, one thing that is for sure is that the sun will cause them to multiply.

Freckles and the sun go hand and hand. You will also notice that the suns warm rays will darken the appearance of your existing freckles making them appear even more prominent. Your freckles love the sun and it provides them with the perfect environment to flourish. Whenever possible cover your skin or at the very least, wear a high SPF sunscreen on any areas of exposed flesh.

Redheads Are Most Often, Blessed With Freckles

redhead with red freckles

It is common to see a redhead blessed with freckles to have them in warm red and copper tones that closely match her hair color.
If your freckled face has you believing that you will be eternally in the cute mode of a Raggedy Ann doll or that you could easily win the starring role in Orphan Annie, just view the models and actresses below to see how truly beautiful a freckled face or body can be naturally and when enhanced with makeup.

Their hair color ranges from blonde, reds, blacks , and warm chestnut browns with complexions that are fair, olive, and dark, note how their freckles are close to hair color and naturally match skin tones.

Celebrities Blessed With Freckles, The Magic Of Before And After

Before, The Au Natural Face

evangeline lily freckles

The Natural Beauty Of Freckles

amy smart before freckle coverage

When Freckles Meet Blonde

alyson hannigan before freckle coverage

The Classic Redhead With her Freckles

alexis biedel before freckle coverage

Just Enough

kate moss no makeup

Freckle Me Beautiful

julianne moore before freckle coverage

Brought Glamour To Freckles

katie holmes black freckles

When Freckles Become Beauty Marks

marissa miller before freckle coverage

The Girl Next Door Had Freckles

lucy liu before freckle coverage

The Strength Of Freckles

lindsay lohan before freckle coverage

Bare A Freckled Shoulder

melissa joan hart before freckle coverage

May Take More Convincing

rachel bilson nose freckles

Just A Light Sprinkle On The Nose

misca barton Before covering freckles

Fair Skinned With A Dusting Of Freckles

sienna millers freckles

Freckle Proud

After, The Makeup Artists And Photo Editing

evangeline lilly after freckle coverage

Evangeline Lily

amy smart after freckle coverage

Amy Smart

alyson hannigan after freckle coverage

Alyson Hannigan

alexis biedel after freckle coverage

Alexis Biedel

kate moss after freckle coverage

Kate Moss

julianne moore after freckle coverage

Julianne Moore

katie holmes after freckle coverage

Katie Holmes

marissa miller after freckle coverage

Marissa Miller

lucy liu after makeup coverage

Lucy Liu

lindsay lohan after freckle coverage

Lindsay Lohan

mellisa joan hart after freckle coverage

Mellisa Joan Hart

rachel bilson after freckle coverage

Rachel Bilson

mischa barton after freckle coverage

Mischa Barton

sienna miller after covering freckles

Sienna Miller

Concealing Freckles

Not all ladies are at the stage where they are completely comfortable showing off their freckles or feel blessed with Freckles. You may have certain events where you would rather they stay in the background; there are definitely options for these times. If you would rather not try anything too harsh, especially at first, modern makeup techniques can work wonders helping you conceal your freckles.

Cosmetics are an incredibly useful method for reducing the appearance, you do however always want to use the proper techniques to diminish the look of your freckles. Makeup allows you to put your best face forward when it appears natural and effortless.

What's your perfect shade? Mineral Hygienics mineral makeup kits allow you to blend products easily for a flawless match and help you achieve a healthy glow.

Foundation For Freckles

For starters, ensure that the foundation you choose, matches the skin tone of your neck rather than the shade of your freckles. Gently patting your face with powder will help to set your foundation and offer additional coverage. Blend your foundation carefully along your jawline to avoid the look of a mask. You can also use your cosmetics to play up another feature such as your eyes to take attention away from your freckles.

Regardless of your preferred technique for dealing with yours, you should know that you will never be able to entirely cover them and you certainly will not get rid of them all together. That is actually fantastic news.

The modern woman can happily embrace her many miniature beauty marks for the uniqueness and beauty each one offers. Not to mention the fact that they add a dash of sass to every ladies appearance. So enjoy yours to the fullest and be glad you are blessed with Freckles.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Published : February 25, 2015

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