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Black Womens Fohawk, Funky Styling

The Modern Black Womens Fohawk

The fohawk, also called faux-hawk or faux hawk, is a very popular urban hairstyle. It is crazy and eye-catching and requires plenty of styling product to keep it looking sharp.

black womens fowhawk hairstyle

A fohawk is a cross between big 1980s hair and glamorous 1950s pompadour. The fohawk is a hairstyle with a strip of hair on the top of the head which is higher and longer than the rest of the hair.

The traditional Mohawk was a staple style of the punk movement in the 1980s which was mainly for people who didn't want to fit into society norms.

The fohawk is a modern variation where the hair is clipper cut (or scissor cut) short rather than being shaved off. A Mohawk uses sharp lines but a fohawk is usually textured to blend the distinction between the two different hair lengths.


How to Cut a Black Womens Fohawk

To get a uniform cut along the sides of the longer hair strip, it is easiest to cut the hair with clippers. Clippers should be used on dry hair only because damp hair clogs the blades and the cut will be uneven. The longer strip of hair should be the right length for the individual's head.

You can use the flat edge of a comb to gauge the strip's outer edges and part the hair along the edge line. Hold the strip out of the way with hair clips while you cut one side. Then repeat with the other side. Scissors can also be used to create a fohawk.

For a trendy, funky look, you can texturize the strip with a point cutting technique to crate movement and allow you to make a disheveled or spiky look in the finished fohawk style.

The shorter lengths of hair are usually between a fourth and three fourths of an inch but a fohawk hairstyle works with any length of hair. A long haired fohawk hairstyle blends classic elegance and style with a rock and roll punk flavor because of the way the hair is swept up along the sides of the head.

Black women naturally have coarser hair than white women, so this is a style that most of them will have the right hair type for. This is a cool and trendy hairstyle and will suit women of different ages.

This hairstyle is great for people who are looking for a funky, slightly rebellious-looking style but who also need to fit in with mainstream lifestyles or corporate environments because the fohawk can be work played down or up.

How to Style A Black Womens Fohawk

A fohawk can be styled with hair gel or mousse and either dried with a diffuser to make stand-up spikes or blow dried into a tousled style. To give more definition to the longer strip of hair, you can put some pomade on your fingers and work it through the hair, shaping the textured hair into points. Use your hands to make the hair stand up straight.

Styling paste or styling glue give a fohawk good holding power. If you have thin hair, you can tease it to maintain the volume necessary for this style. Don't wash your hair just before styling a fohawk, especially if it is fine and soft because it won't hold up.

Enjoy, A Black Womens Fohawk

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