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Black Wedding Hairstyles

African American Wedding Updo Hairstyle

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There are many black wedding hairstyles that have proved to be beautiful for the bride’s special day.

You can successfully create a glamorous hairstyle that will accommodate the wedding dress, veil, tiara, and overall wedding theme.

You can choose from a hairstyle that you can wear up, or what they you wear down. You can even put half of the hair up, and leave half the hair down

In some instances, you may want to have a curly or wavy look, or possibly even a crimped hairstyle. The choice is yours!

Black Wedding Hairstyles

In this hairstyle selection guide, I will highlight several ideas that you can use when it comes to choosing the perfect black hairstyle for your wedding.

Adding Color

The first thing that you will want to consider is if you want to color your hair for the big day.

If you elect to have your hair colored, it is important to choose colors that compliment the natural tone in your skin.

However, it is also ideal to select a color that will enhance the overall theme of your wedding.

By using a color that matches the colors that you include in your wedding, you will be able to set off the wedding in a wonderful way.

The great thing about adding color is that it can really set off the entire wedding as far as color.

If you have a difficult time determining a hair color, then it may be best to meet with a hairstylist to determine which color may be the best match.

Remember to have your hair colored at least two to three weeks prior to walking down the aisle

black flower girl hairstyle

Style Ideas

  • all-up-black-brides-hairstyle
  • back-view-smooth-bridal-updo
  • black-bridal-updo
  • black-wedding-hairstyle-1
  • black-wedding-hairstyle-2
  • black-wedding-hairstyle-3
  • black-wedding-hairstyle-4
  • black-wedding-hairstyle-5
  • black-wedding-hairstyle-9
  • black-wedding-hairstyle-6
  • black-wedding-hairstyle-7

Will You Wear A Veil?

The next thing that you want to consider when choosing a black wedding hairstyle is if you will be wearing a head piece or a hair piece.

For example, if you are going to wear a veil, you can choose from many different hairstyles.

However, if you elect to wear a tiara or another special type of hair piece, you may want to consider a style that compliments that particular piece.

For hairstyles that are worn down, or worn curled, hair pieces that slip on the head, such as ribbons, tiaras, and headbands will look great.

Down hairstyles and hairstyles worn up can also be extremely beautiful when worn with a wedding veil over the head.

Once you have narrowed your wedding hairstyles down based on your skin tone, and the hair accessory that you have elected to wear, it is important to consider a style that compliments your wedding dress.

Naturally, you will want to pay close attention to your neckline. If you are short, and will be wearing a low cut neckline wedding dress, then you will want to add height.

If you are tall, and have a long neckline, you will want to select a hairstyle that is short.

To add flair to a dress that has a straight cut neckline that goes all the way across, adding curls and waves are a great way to go!

If you elect to curl the hair, this can be done with ease using hot rollers. You may also have weave added to the hair that is wavy, curly, straight, and/or colorful.

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