Black Mens Afro 1970s Style

The black mens Afro and men's natural Afros, popular back in the 1970's are making a comeback and celebrity men such as Freddy Mac are wearing them with style and pride.

Men's natural Afros are created in part with the help of a hair pick that was created to bring out the best of the natural kink that is typically found in African American hair.

Once worn as a way of showing pride in their culture, the black mens afro now is also a hair fashion statement.

mens natural afro hair

Men's natural Afros although perhaps trimmed to give an element of control are generally allowed to grow in a free manner and to showcase the natural way that the afro will form itself.

Many guys who do not want to allow their fro to grow in the same free form as Freddy Mac will still wear what are known as min-Afro's. Mini-Afro's are clipped short and kept neat while still being considered as an afro hairstyle.

Although it is up to the individual as to how long their men's natural afro is, they can range anywhere from a couple of inches long to over several inches in length.

black male afro

black mens afro

One important reason that finds a lot of guys wearing the black mens afro is that the style is certainly very easy to care for and works well with their natural hair type instead of having to fight with the kink of African American hair.

It is also very important if you are interested in men's natural Afros to work with products that are designed to treat African American hair types as they will leave your fro looking healthy and well tended.

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Styling Steps - Mens Natural Afro Hairstyle

Always take good care of your hair while you are growing your afro. Keep your scalp well moisturized so your hair does not break off.

Use a wide tooth comb or pick to comb your hair when needed. Regular trims will make sure that your afro is even all of the way around.

The top will need trimmed more often as it grows faster than the sides of your hair do.

Shampoo your hair a few times a week to keep it clean yet to prevent it from drying out.

Use a product designed for Afros before you comb your hair as working on dry hair can cause breakage. Pick your hair to keep it looking good and make use of hair oil or moisturizer as needed.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: May 22, 2015

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Black Mens Afro