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Trendy Black Layered Hairstyle

If your looking for a new style that is trendy and makes you an individual, black layered hair is a top notch choice. When you go for layered hair, you are free to create a style of your own liking that is ideal for your personal needs, hair type and lifestyle.

Layered hair can range from funky and fabulous to sedate and chic and of course, everything in between! African American hair does have some unique needs so you will want to always remember to take very good care of your locks.

Using a deep conditioner about three times a week is the best way to combat frizz and fight off breakage so that your black layered hair shines with health. When it comes to holding the style in your layered hair, a blend of gel with a strong hold and leave in conditioner will work wonders.

This will keep your hair in place while offering your tresses the conditioning that they need. It is also important with black layered hair that you leave it alone while it is drying. This is because the more that you play with your hair, the better the chance of acquiring frizz.

Getting It Straight

If your hair is quite curly and your black layered hairstyle calls for a more sleek look, you can achieve this through the use of a flat iron. You will just want to be careful that you do not damage your locks. Always work with products that are made for African American hair so that your black layered hairstyle is left full of moisture and not dried out from styling tools.

If you do opt to use a flat iron, always make sure your hair is clean and dry before you begin. Work in small sections for more control and a better end result. Use a smooth motion working down ward, repeat as necessary until each section is as smooth and straight as you want it to be.

When you have finished with the flat iron, a misting of spray shine is a tremendous way to offer your Black layered hairstyle some sheen and gloss. Black layered hairstyles offer you the option and ability to have fun with your hair and to update your current look without forcing you to loose any length.

Layers are also a fantastic way to add a new element of depth, volume and movement in your hair. Not to mention the fact that the placement of layers in your hair can play up the facial features that you like while detracting from the ones that you are not so crazy about.


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Featured Layered Style Styling Steps

style steps Wash and condition your hair with products made for African American Hair

style steps Towel dry gently and spritz in a leave in conditioner

style steps After detangling, blow dry in small sections

style steps Use styling cream or pomade to play with your layers and create the look that you are after

style steps If necessary, use a straightening iron to make your locks as straight as you like

style steps Piecing the ends of your hair with some styling wax and your fingertips can add interesting elements

style steps Hair spray and or spray shine will give you the finishing touches you are after


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