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Black Hairstyles Short Hair, Sophisticated Look

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Short Hair offers African American woman ease of styling, low maintenance looks that retain an air of sophistication and up to the minute hairstyles.

So many black hairstyles for short hair look complex, yet they are actually incredibly simple to style. They offer that- just sat in a high end salon for hours look when the reality is that a few minutes in front of the mirror at home provide these stunning results.

As numerous women have figured out, short hair means ease of styling and less time primping in the mirror, and this in turn gives you precious extra minutes that you need for other areas in your life. However, compromising looking good is not something females want to do- and who can blame them! The answer can easily be found in hairstyles for short hair.

Love The Side Swept Bang With Short Hair

This black hairstyle for short hair can definitely be modified to work to your own taste preferences. For example, although the side swept bang is fun and flirty yet at the same time trendy and even could be called sophisticated, you could always change it up.

If you would rather wear no bang at all, or short blunt bangs or anything in between, that would be your choice and would not compromise the overall high quality look of this short hairstyle in the least!

Keeping your hairstyle fresh and fabulous looking is often all about layers. This black hairstyle for short hair is all about choppy, uneven layers that add depth and so much character. Uneven, choppy layers offer a short hairstyle that is cute and can be styled in a number of different ways even without offering you much length to play with.

This is especially true if you do keep a long, side swept bang, as you can add a whole new dimension and sense of style to your short hairstyle! The bangs in this haircut take the style from something simple and turn it into a chic look that is simply must have. A short black hairstyle such as this one is ideal for everyone from the busy mom to the corporate executive, casual days to formal affairs and anything in between.

First things first when you are after hairstyles for short black hair- you need to visit a stylist and get a great cut so you have something to work with. After that, the most important thing is using the right hair products. Always, and we do mean always, use hair products that are made for African American hair. This is because African American hair has its own unique needs and has to be cared for properly so that your hairstyle will always look fantastic.
Enjoy, Black Hairstyles Short Hair

Styling Steps ~ Featured Style

Wash your hair with products created for African American Hair

Towel dry gently, and work out any tangles with a comb and then arrange your hair as desired.

Work in a generous dollop of styling gel with your finger tips. Using a medium heat, blow dry your hair, scrunching the back with your fingers and directing your bangs to the side.

Once your hair is dry, a smoothing pomade can be applied to your bangs to ensure they stay in place and have a sleek appearance.

You can piece the ends of the back of your hair for a more messy look

if you desire using some hair wax. Spritz generously with hairspray for an all day and night hold.

Black Hairstyles Short Hair ~ June 6, 2009

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Black Hairstyles Short Hair

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