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These black hair videos will give you information for protecting, caring for, and styling your fragile black hair. Using this hair advice can make your hair more manageable and prevent breakage.

Although these videos show black hair styled with natural curl, product is still required to hydrate and control the curl. The most important thing you can do for your hair type is moisturizing, and you will find some great hair tips from Tamara and Gelila, two top models from the Ford Model Agency in these black hair videos. Enjoy.

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Model ~ Ford Model Agency
Black Hair Videos

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"Hi, I'm Tamara, and I am with Ford Models and I am going to give you some tips on curly hair and what you can do with it"

"I condition my hair a lot pretty much every day I lot of times I put in a leave in conditioner. But I wash my hair about once a week because I don’t wont it to get to dry, this type of hair stands for drying out. So it’s really important to have the right product."

"So lets get started
For this look I usually start after the shower, my hair is just a little bit damp. So a lot of times a I use Curl Conscious which is a product by Bumble and Bumble, its a cream that you put in and it helps to define the curls.

Then on top of that, because this hair loves a lot of product, is this product by Aveda, which I love using its called Styling Curessence, and basically it’s a detangler so I spray it in and then I just kind of run it through with my fingers.

You really don’t want to comb or brush it, but running it through with your fingers helps to separate the curls out a bit

The after that we need moisturizer, and that’s really important for our hair and Carols Daughter make some really great products, and this ones called Carol's Daughter Hair Milk, I just take a little bit like this and put it in my hand like that and its really nice because it really conditions the hair. Then I pull it through and then I’ve got my curly hair."

"A lot of times I let it dry naturally, but sometimes when you’re in a hurry you might want to use a hair dryer. If you do I highly recommend using a diffuser. Which is this thing here; you add it to your hairdryer, and you it helps to give you more body without the frizz.

The last thing I add which is also by Carols Daughter is Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey which adds shine and it controls frizz.

I'm actually going to put a little bit of that in right now, because you can not get too much of that. Another thing is to is that our hair has a tendency even though it may not be dry to look dry so adding any type of moisture you can, especially at the very end for a finished look is a nice thing to do."

Tamara's Easy Style Steps For Curls

Tamara's style relies on bobby pins, look for the long or extra long pins with a plastic tip.

A very pretty off the face style is easily achieved by starting in the center and twisting the hair slightly at the scalp and then pinning.

Repeat across front until all hair is pinned back off the face.

As Tamara does you can add a scarf for a different look, choose a scarf that matches your outfit and the season.

For and easy updo, you only need to repeat this along the back hairline until all hair is pinned securely up.


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Model ~ Ford Model Agency
Black Hair Videos



Gelila is a model whose black hair has a lot of volume, but she still is able to have beautiful defined curls. As a model Gelila knows first hand how hard constant heat from styling can be on black hair.

Hair can be damaged very quickly, Gelila finds that using a moisturizing shampoo for dry or damaged hair with a conditioner controls frizz, replaces moisture lost through heat styling and the shampoo does not strip her hair of natural moisture.

The problem of many African American women have with their hair, is the fact that not every stylist knows how to handle this hair type.

When you do find a knowledgeable stylist, ask her how Gelila's cut and style would work for you. Gelila's hair is cut with shorter layers in the inside and longer layers on the outside. This removes bulk and keeps her hair from being dragged down from the weight of all that hair.

Bangs are optional for this cut, but can be versatile if you do decide to go with them.

With the proper shampoo, conditioner, and cut, Gelila enjoys beautiful soft natural curls, pretty enough for magazine covers.

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