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Black Female Mohawk, An Attention-Grabbing Hairstyle

A Trendy Black Women's Mohawk

A mohawk, also called a Mohican in British English, is an attention-grabbing hairstyle. Popular with many people from American Indians to punk rockers, the mohawk is an easy hairstyle to get.

black female mohawk

American Indians traditionally wore mohawks to show which sect they were from. Only wild Indians wore the mohawk because it was meant to look like an axe blade.

Mohawk hairstyles were very popular in the 1980, when the aim was to get the spikes as long as possible and as colorful as possible.

These hairstyles were styled with glue and ironed flat, which was not the kindest treatment for the hair!

Modern mohawks are gentler and because there are so many different types, you can choose what kind of mohawk you think would suit you the best and play around with hair lengths and even color. A mohawk doesn't have to have all the hair pointed up.

You could use a thin strip of hair down the back of the head or even a small piece at the front and top of the head, which is angled forward. This is a particularly good way for a black woman to wear a mohawk.

A mohawk is a strip of hair running from the forehead, or further back, to the back of the head. The hair can be long, short, wavy, spiky or styled in another way.

A mohawk is usually an inch or two wide but can be varied, depending on the look you want to go for. The hair is molded into shape with extra strong gel.

Types of Mohawk Hairstyles

A long, pointy mohawk is when the hair is long and molded into sharp, pointed strands that stick upright. The strands can stick out varying degrees or go inline.

A short, spiky mohawk is an alternative when the hair sticking up is wider and shorter. A horse's mane mohawk is suitable for medium length hair and has a wider strip which is spiked towards the center in a triangular link.

A mohawk which suits many women and especially black women is to have the hair quite short all over apart from a long strip at the top and front, which can be several inches long. This strip is styled with strong gel and pointed upwards and forwards.

Some mohawk hairstyles feature bright colors or even a combination of colors but a great mohawk for a black woman makes use of her natural black hair because the style is eye-catching enough. Having hair on the rest of the head brings the traditional mohawk look up to date, making it look trendy and individual, rather than dated and punk rebel.

How to Style a Black Women's Mohawk
Style The Black Female Mohawk Featured In This Article

style steps Have your hair cut quite short and even all over, leaving a long strip at the front. This strip can be anything from an inch to four inches long, depending on the look you want.
style steps Wash your hair and dry it completely.
style steps Apply extra hold gel to the longer strip of hair and run it through with your fingers.
style steps Comb the hair as straight as possible and angle it forwards, upwards or somewhere between the two, depending on the look you want to achieve.
style steps Spray on hairspray.
style stepsBlow dry your hair to hold the style and finish off with more hairspray to hold the mohawk in place.

Black Female Mohawk

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