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Black Cloaks

On a frightening night like Halloween, sometimes the simplest costume can be the most effective. Michael Myers was terrifying in a William Shatner mask, remember? And Jason Voorhies in a hockey mask?

Be haunting in the unfussiest look you can find – a mysterious black cloak.

Whether you’re going for grim reaper, ghastly ghoul, or wicked warlock, even a poor man’s Darth Vader, the basic black cape or tunic will do the trick.

There are lots of options to be found at local costume shops, from capes that tie around the shoulders to full length gowns that close up the back and come complete with hoods, with finished hems or tattered edges and long swoopy sleeves.

In a pinch, any costume seeker can also make their own outfit out of black sheets or tablecloths, wound round the shoulders, waist, or even tied around the head.

Choose flowy fabrics that’ll trail behind you as you move, or keep ‘em soft and breathable.
When everything from the neck down is done simply, the accessories and finishing touches will have to set the mood for you.

Carry with you a weapon of mass torture, like a grim reaper’s scythe or a sword or staff.

Wear leather (or faux leather) gloves to hide your hands, or find any number of "mask” like gloves for your hands.

Some gloves are styled to give you monster fingers or skeleton bones or Freddy Krueger hands.

And in the vein of masks, one to top of that plain black cloak can be a great idea.

Choose from Frankenstein monsters to vampires to the Scream mask made famous in the movies.

If you pick traditional masquerade mask you create a whole new look with a elegant touch.

Whatever you can dig up at this great costume site will certainly add to the allover freak-out factor of your Halloween costume.

There will always be something oh-so-frightening about not being able to see someone’s eyes and face – and therefore, their murderous intentions.

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, try to make yourself up into the creepiest crawliest creature you can imagine.

Fright Catalog, Inc. features many ready-made kits to paint your face up as a Frankenstein or skeleton face and look up scarring agents and prosthetic pieces to increase your scare tactics.

You can also find specially molded teeth there that can be placed over your own teeth to add fangs or razor sharp teeth.

You can also go wild on your own with makeup that you have readily available.

The starting point though is a great robe or cape hooded or with a black mesh face as this cool costume features.


Black Cloaks Robes And Hooded Capes

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