Black Bob Hairstyles, Sassy And Flirty!

Black Bob hairstyles are a beautiful way to wear your hair and offer you versatility and numerous styling options.

Bob hairstyles have long been favored as they are easy to care for and conform to most hair types and flatter virtually any face shape you may have.

Cut With Defined Shape

A Black Bob hairstyle with defined shape is also intensely flattering.

back view black bob hairstyle defined shape

Defined shape to a Bob hairstyle is sassy and flirty and often worn by women who want a carefree hairstyle that while easy to care for is also as fun and vivacious as their personality.

It is not just your everyday woman that is embracing the beauty of a bob do.

Famous ladies such as Rihanna are taking on sassy Bob hairstyles with a vengeance. You must keep in mind though that it is not enough to just emulate someone else's hairstyle.


Make The Style Your Own

A beautiful look such as this should be altered to suit your personality, face shape and lifestyle. Never be afraid to alter a great hairstyle such as the Black Bob and make it your own.

Find even slight ways such as highlights or styling methods to create a unique and highly complementing Black Bob hairstyle.

cute black bob hairstyle

Try A Very Short Layered Bob

black sassy bob hairstyle

Try A Sassy Chin Length Bob

ebony a line bob hairstyle

Try A Classic A Line Bob

black bobs

Another additional appeal is that the Bob is a classic hairstyle and something as simple as having it cut in a piecey manner gives this style a completely different look.

piecy layered short black bob

Try Piecey Layers For A Wash And Wear Look

Easy styles like these are also almost effortless to style. In fact, these cuts are fabulous enough to almost stand on their own as wash and wear looks.

Adding Color

Layers, razoring, and highlights can all be used to make your Black Bob hairstyle practically a walking work of art.

sassy black bob with color

Create A Sassy Bob With Color
These Blonde, Orange, And Black Hues
Create A Style That Is Flirty And Fun

A piecey Bob is flirty enough as it is, however, when you add highlights a cut such as this is given a whole new life.

It really is true that something as simple as highlights can create a completely different look and this is a fabulous way to give your style a whole new look without having to make drastic changes.

Experimenting with highlights and streaks not only makes your Black Bob take on a whole new look, it is fun as well.

Bobs With Bangs

short black bob with full bangs

Try A Bob With Full Bangs, The Soft Asymmetrical Line In These Bangs Adds Softness

You can even opt for bangs, or not- depending on what you like to make your Black Bob hairstyle look beautiful.

Style This Piecey Short Black Bob

short black bob hairstyle

  • Always wash your hair with products designed for black hair
  • Towel dry and work some styling cream through damp hair placing your locks as desired using a wide tooth comb and your fingers
  • Part your hair if desired in the manner that you like best If you are blowing dry, work is small sections with a vented brush
  • Lift at the roots for volume if you wish style steps Work with a small dab of styling wax to create a piecey effect
  • Mist with hairspray for all day and night hold

short bob bangs style

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: May 2, 2015

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