Dramatic Black Blonde Color Makeover

This Black Blonde color makeover gives plain brown hair a dramatic change and a new style with the trendy Shag cut.

Have you ever felt bored with how you look? A recent US survey says that women who sport the most common hairstyles at most common hair lengths do feel bored and would like to have a new do for a change.

According to that survey, the most common hairstyle for American women is layered long hair which is sported in a brown shade.

Although long-hair can easily be styled, styling long hair means lots of time spent in the Salon. With the fast-paced lifestyle of American women, this is just plain impossible.

The model featured in this article knows how boring it is when you wear the same hairstyle day after day. Therefore, she decided to get a new look that requires minimum maintenance but looks as if she visits her hairstylist every morning.

The Shag look is, indeed, a new do that will surely catch worthy attention.

With her hair worn much shorter and with an interesting black blonde color she is transformed from plain to up to the minute trendy.

black blonde hair color

before and after black blonde color makeover

The Trendy Shag Cut

Thoroughly clean your hair by using shampoo. Use a fine-toothed comb while massaging your hair with shampoo to make sure that your scalp also gets thoroughly cleaned from the process.

Rinse hair thoroughly. Towel-dry the hair. Do not use a blow-dryer because your hair should dry up as flat as possible so it will be easier to trim.

Starting with the bangs, trim your fringe up to your eyebrows. You may trim the bangs up to under your eyes, but do this on the hair nearest the ears so it will not be too inconvenient for you.

Next is to cut the shag layers to the main section of your hair. The hairstyle features a V-Shaped cut into the main section of hair.

From the bangs, the hair is gracefully cut longer and longer up to the back portion near the nape. The main section of hair is then cut into layers to create a dynamic look.

The Two Tone Black Blonde Color How To

The hair color treatment required for this hairstyle is even more difficult to execute compared to the cut that was trimmed on the model's hair. You will need jet-black and golden blonde hair colors for this look.

Clean hair thoroughly with shampoo. Avoid using hair conditioner as it may hamper the hair color from setting nicely on your hair.

Use the jet-black hair color as the base color of your hair. Apply it onto the hair and let it dry nicely. When the jet-black color has dried up, rinse your scalp and shampoo again to remove the black stains on your scalp.

Prepare the blonde hair color solution. With careful hands, slowly apply the blonde color on the roots of your hair using a coloring brush, starting from the top of your head.

Continue to apply the color up to the mid-section of the hair. Try to blend the blonde color to the black base of your hair by applying the blonde color using irregular, vertical (not horizontal) strokes.

Don't forget to add some blonde tint on your bangs. Let the blonde color dry and rinse well.

Note: If you are not comfortable cutting or coloring your own hair, we recommend booking an appointment at a Salon and having the cut and color done by a professional stylist.

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Black Blonde Color Makeover
Author: Tanna Mayer
Published: April 10, 2015

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Black Blonde Color Makeover