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Black And White Hair Color Gallery

cool black white shag hairstyleMany individuals enjoy demanding attention by displaying their unique personality through their hair color. Striking and bold colors are now resurfacing as popular trends in hair color.

One particular combination has recently developed as the "talk of the town” – that is the classic, yet dramatic effect of striping the hair with both the black and white hair color combinations.

This particularly sassy and innovative design in hair dye has opened up a new dimension in creativity and collaboration. Here, you will learn about some of the fun and exciting ways to work this combination into any hairstyle that you choose!

The bob with the back that is clipped up is an amazing hairstyle when it comes to combining the distinct colors of black and white. With this hairstyle the back side of the hair is shaved up on the neck so that the rest of the hair edges up.

It starts small in the back and gradually increases in length on the sides, with the longest side being the front. Generally, it is parted on one side, and may even have a touch of bangs covering one side of the face.

Black hair dye will be placed on the shaved hair on the neck, sort of tucked under the rest of the hair. Then, there will be even sections in which the hair is broke down. These average one to two inches in width. One section will be taken and dyed black, the next white, and this pattern will continue.

The hairstyle that is often referred to as the teased pageboy is another excellent style when it comes to black and white hair color combinations. Many times, this short hairstyle is teased, and the ends will point out.

The individual with this style may elect to dye the tips black and leave the rest of the hair white. This can also work the other way around. They may elect to dye the tips white and the rest of the hair left black.

Creative mixtures also include having distinctions among black and white, but shades of gray where the two hair colors mixed together. The black color should be placed around the cheekbones and the bangs if this effect is used. This will ensure that the facial features are appropriately focused.

For individuals who have long, wavy hair, there are many possibilities when it comes to the black and white hair color combinations. These dramatic hair color choice is often considered to be a beautiful one when it comes to long hair that has a few waves.

This is especially true if the majority of the hair is kept black, and there are certain sections or strands that are designed to display the white coloring.

However, those who elect white as a primary color and black as a secondary color also appear absolutely stunning. Generally, it is best to start the secondary hair color right around the ears and go down with it. This will maximize the lovely features of the face.

There are many different black and white hair color combinations. These include striping, adding the colors to another color such as blond, simple highlighting, tip dying, flip coloring, and even sectional coloring. Regardless of the type of style that you elect, combining the element of naturally opposite colors are gaining in popularity for being distinct and bold.


Black And White Hair Color Gallery

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