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Biggest Loser Diet

Is the biggest loser diet the right one for you?

Biggest Loser Diet ~ Be A Big Loser

We’ve seen the show. Now we want the same results, preferably without all the crying and snot. Even if you don’t have hundreds of pounds to lose, the diet is designed to work for you.

The Biggest Loser Diet follows the regimen of show trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. Week after week they grind contestants into the ground with grueling workouts and challenges designed to teach them the consequences of continuing to eat in an unhealthy manner.

According to the trainers, eating to lose weight and get healthy should involve their 4-3-2-1 rule: four veggie or fruit servings, three protein servings, two grain servings, and one extra every day.

The way to make the small amount of food go farther is through the choices you make. Bulky foods that contain a lot of fiber stave off hunger longer and also flush out some of the fat in your meal.

Throughout the twelve week program, you’ll lose plenty of weight if done to their specifications. Now, on the flip side, you won’t have the same conditions as the contestants on the show. No one will be yelling in your ear all day to get your to exercise.

Big On Physical Activity

A big part of this program is a large dose of physical activity. Most people don’t have the time to work out for hours on end each day, but all exercise is cumulative and even one hour a day every day makes a difference.

You also won’t have someone in the kitchen talking you through fixing your meals. You will have The Biggest Loser recipe book and the diet book to assist you. While they emphasize healthy foods, some fats are allowed in the form of healthy oils like olive oil and canola oil.

If you can afford it, hire a personal trainer to help your exercise time count to the max. The idea is to burn more calories than you take in without feeling like you are starving to do it.

You Eat Often

The diet advocates eating every few hours and choosing fresh foods over processed. Fresh foods provide more nutrients and eating often keeps you from thinking about food.

It seems like a contradiction, but when you know what and when you will eat, it takes the guesswork that causes temptation out of the equation. Planning meals is also crucial to diet success.

The Biggest Loser Diet takes a lot of discipline but you will see results even though they may not be as extreme as those on the show. If you are not easily motivated, ask a buddy to join you so you remain accountable to one another.

Without the presence of the people helpful to the show participants, you’ll have to kick your own butt on a biggest loser diet.


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