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Sometimes, it seems like fashion and designer clothing is a luxury limited to skinny people. Bigger men have trouble finding trendy clothing in their size, and often give up on fashion altogether, resorting to simple T-shirts and blue jeans

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It doesn't have to be this way. Sure, big men may have to look a little harder and pay more for flattering clothing, but it is possible. This article will give you big guys some hints on how to look your best despite your size, and focus on these big mens shirts: T-shirts, Polo Shirts, and Dress Shirts.


Big men dislike shirts even the slightest bit tight because it clings to their bodies in all the wrong places, accentuating rolls and bulges they wish they did not have.

Consequently, men tend to buy shirts that are too big, hoping the huge, baggy clothing will disguise their size. This tactic actually backfires. It makes big men look even bigger.

The trick is to buy big mens shirts that fit well, are just a little loose, and utilize optical illusions to make you appear slimmer. A "fitted" shirt does not mean "tight", nor does it mean custom-tailored. It refers to clothes just loose enough to present a clean, smooth image and not cling in unflattering places.


In the battle to look slimmer, the simple A-line undershirt is your best friend. You'll want one that is a little tight. Although it feels a little constricting and uncomfortable at first, you'll quickly get used to it. A tight undershirt smoothes out you figure, bridging gaps and spreading out bulges, leaving less for your shirt to cling to. It also covers chest hair and prevents the embarrassing "see-through" aspect of some thin dress shirts.


Find a T-shirt just loose enough, WHILE STANDING, to cover your torso without clinging to curves and rolls you're not supposed to have, big men get the most self-conscious of tight shirts when they sit down and the fabric stretches across their stomach. IGNORE THIS. Keep two things in mind:

1. If you buy a t-shirt large enough to NOT stretch when you sit down, it will be so huge that it will make you look even bigger than you actually are.

2. When you go out in public and sit down, 90% of the time your stomach will be hidden behind a table or desk. The only time you'll be sitting down without something in front of you will be on a sofa in your own or a friend's living room. Trust me, if you're good enough friends to be in their living room, they've noticed the fact that you're overweight, and don't care.

Next, go for V-necked T-shirts instead of ring-collared T-shirts. A V-neck below your chin elongates your face, making it look thinner. It also makes your shoulders look broader and a little more muscular than they actually are.


Big men should avoid Polo Shirts like the Bubonic Plague. The buttons on the collar end in just the wrong place (around mid-chest), pulling the knit fabric up in the center and causing the fabric on either side to sag down a bit. On thin, muscular men, this accentuates their pectoral muscles. On big men, it accentuates man-boobs. In a business casual situation, stick with dress shirts.


Finding the right fit of dress shirts is easy. Find the shirt just big enough so that when you sit down, it doesn't strain at the buttons.

Believe it or not, wearing a tie helps. It covers up any buttons that may be protesting, and breaks up the large field of fabric on big mens shirts. Suit jackets and sport coats serve the same function, AND also smoothes out your appearance from chest to thigh, covering up any love handles. Suits are slimming. If you can wear a suit jacket or sport coat, do.

Finally, common wisdom holds that black is slimming. This is especially true for big mens shirts. When wearing a solid light-colored or white shirt, light overhead falls over your body, creating shadows wherever your body sags or bulges.

These shadows are small, faint, and subtle, but accentuate all the wrong things about your appearance. The reason black is slimming is because these shadows get lost in the black material. This helps camouflage bulges, and maintains a smooth, solid appearance on big mens shirts.

We hope this article has helped. Try these recommended clothes on in a fitting room, and see for yourself the difference it can make when buying big mens shirts.

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