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Big Beauty Mistakes

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Beauty Nightmares

Do you make these 3 big beauty mistakes? We spend so much time as women trying to make ourselves look thinner, younger and more beautiful every day. Whether it's that expensive face wash that you couldn't really afford, or the hoards of makeup that you pluck on for a big event, it never seems to stop.

The funny thing is that while we are doing all of these things to make us look more attractive, we don't always realize that we have some bad beauty habits lurking underneath the surface. Some of the things that we do every day are unconsciously contributing towards harming our bodies or making us look even worse than we would by just paying attention to the little things.

While we don't necessarily do these things knowingly, it's time to make it all stop before we see the permanent effects on our skin, hair and teeth! Here are a few guidelines to help you optimize your beauty instead of looking worse from everyday habits.

Tanning Beds

You go to the tanning bed to enhance your natural glow and look brown and thin and lovely for any occasion. This is going to make us more beautiful right? Definitely not. Going to the tanning bed is one of the worst things that you can do to your skin. Apart from a noticeable increase in freckles "beauty" spots and moles which can often become cancerous, we are literally turning our skin to leather. What does this mean?

Well basically, we are dehydrating our most precious beauty player and adding harmful marks that can hamper our complexion. With dehydration and UV damage come wrinkles and even cancer in more serious scenarios. Stop going to the tanning bed immediately. You can look just as beautiful with pale skin. In fact, pale is in and seems to have found a solid home in the modeling and fashion world. If you must, use a moisturizing tanning lotion instead. Caribbean tans also look very natural and help give you a glow that's right for your skin tone.


I don't want to lecture but for in case you didn't know; smoking stains the teeth and dries out the lips in particular which means you often have to replenish with vitamin C and oily lip balms. It has a major effect on the skin as well and can make you look sallow and aged.

Permanent Hair Dye

If you don't have to cover any grays then make sure you don't always use a permanent hair dye. This can make your hair brittle and unhealthy as it strips the nutrients. Rather try a softer option and dye your hair with a 24 week wash. This way you can touch up the roots when you need to and only do a full cover when the tips start to noticeably fade.

This will save your hair and keep it shiny. If you have one staple color that you always use, why not try eastern mud dyes like henna which will coat the hair (making it impossible to strip) but are ultimately healthier and leave a lasting shine. Try to eliminate or at least cut down on these3 big beauty mistakes to keep your looks longer.

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Published July 14, 2011

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