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Big And Tall Pants, Start With Fit And Cut

Plus Size Pants For The Larger Man

For larger men, shopping for pants can be an unpleasant, embarrassing, depressing ordeal. From size 40 onward, the pants selection becomes increasingly limited.

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Many big men in department store fitting rooms have muttered that whichever fashion designer decided size 32 is the ideal male waist needs to be fired, preferably out of a cannon.

Due to this limited selection of big and tall pants, most big men grab the first pair of pants that fits even remotely well and cash out. However, a little extra time hunting for just the right pair of pants can have a dramatic effect. Carefully choosing the fit and cut, as well as details like pleats and cuffs, can create the visual illusion that you are taller and slimmer than you actually are. This article will tell you what to look for when shopping for jeans , slacks, and big and tall pants.

Your fashion goal is to create a visual streamline from your head to your feet. Anything that breaks up this smooth visual flow need to be modified or removed.


When shopping for jeans, be sure to select the right fit (sometimes called cut). The fit or cut of jeans is how the legs are constructed, and how much they flare out from the knee to the ankle. The straight-legged Regular Cut jeans tend to bunch up around your ankles, breaking up the visual streamline. Instead, opt for Boot Cut jeans, which flare slightly from knee to ankle.

This allows the cuff of your jeans to fall around the sides of your shoes, making your legs look longer and leaner. Also make sure not to buy jeans with legs that are too long—those will bunch up around your shoes no matter what cut of jeans you have.

Low-Rise Jeans

This next trick works only for men who are just a little overweight—an XL instead of a XXXL. Try low-rise jeans the next time you are out there shopping for big and tall pants. The waistband in low rise jeans comes up to your hip bones instead of your waist.

This makes your torso look longer. Furthermore, you will have less excess fabric hanging down in the crotch, which make your legs look longer. Between a longer torso and longer legs, you will look taller and slimmer.

If you're just an XL, this could work for your. For heavier men such as a XXXL, unfortunately, this lower waistline will drop even further if you bend over, leading to a bad display of "plumber's crack”.

SLACKS ~ Casual And Dress

There are a few things to look for in slacks to make you look thinner. First of all, avoid pleated pants (this should be easy as they are going out of fashion anyway). Pleated pants essentially have a lot of extra fabric around the waist that bunches up and puffs out, making you look fatter. In fact, pleated pants are unflattering on all but the thinnest of men. Instead, go for flat-front pants, which are more streamlined and thus more slimming.

Next, look for pants without cuffs. Cuffs are more formal, but they also break up the visual streamline of your body. Uncuffed pants will elongate your legs, maintaining the visual streamline and making you look taller, and thus slimmer.

Again, just like with jeans, be sure not to buy big and tall pants with legs that are too long, or they will bunch up and have the same effect as pant cuffs. Pant legs should be just long enough to drape slightly over your shoes while you are standing up.

These visual illusions, fashion smoke and mirrors, will not make you look skinny. It will however, make you look slightly slimmer. Best of all, if will prevent you from looking bigger than you actually are in big and tall pants.

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