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As part of one of the most famous female singing groups of all time as well as a solo superstar, Beyonce Knowles is used to having all eyes facing her way. This means that Beyonce Knowles always has to look her best when out on the town. This updo is the perfect look for a night where you want to be noticed.

There are so many different ways that you can wear your hair in an updo. Beyonce Knowles opts for a classic and sophisticated take on this much-loved hairstyle. With the wrap, she adds her own stylish touch to her upswept locks.

That is a very essential element when it comes to creating your hairstyle for the evening. It is fine to emulate a look that you like such as the updo that Beyonce Knowles is wearing. However, whenever possible you should try and add something that you think of yourself to add a special and unique touch to your style.

There is nothing worse than spending hours seated in a salon or working in front of your mirror to create the ideal hairstyle, only to have it ruined by the elements. Beyonce Knowles updo hairstyle is fortunate in that it can be worn no matter what the weather. Let it rain, snow, sleet or blow and you will still look lovely when you make it to your event. With your hair pulled back and your tresses firmly wrapped, nothing will be able to unsettle your updo hairstyle.

Beyonce looked stunning in her upswept hairstyle when she graced the 47th Annual Grammy awards. Beyonce chose to clip back the top as well as the sides of her locks before wrapping the back of her hair in a bun that was wrapped. An updo like Beyonce Knowles is perfect for women of all races as well as being complimentary to most facial shapes and hair textures.


Styling Steps - Beyonce Knowles Updo

beyonce knowles updojStyle Hair StepsIf necessary, wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition. Follow the cleansing by allows your hair to air-dry if possible.
Style Hair StepsIdeally however, you will want to work with locks that have not been washed in about a day or so. This is because the natural oils that form on your scalp when your hair is not freshly washed create and hold an updo hairstyle far better than clean hair does.
Style Hair StepsMist your locks with spray gel and then comb gently to work the product through evenly.
Style Hair StepsSome molding cream can be applied to your hair with your fingers, this will allow you to form and keep your updo in place.
Style Hair StepsPull your hair back and work into a ponytail high and at the back of your head.
Use a large barreled curling iron or hot rollers to curl the hair that is left hanging down.
Style Hair StepsTake a section of hair from the left side of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic holding your hair.
Style Hair StepsRepeat the process on the right side.
Style Hair StepsForm a loose bun that is wrapped under at the ends and secure with pins.
Style Hair StepsCarefully run your palms lightly coated in smoothing shine over your hair.
Style Hair StepsMist with hairspray for lasting hold.


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