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Betty Grable Updo

Betty Grable Updo

The Iconic Betty Grable

A Betty Grable Updo, Is an iconic hairstyle from the forties. When counting down the most iconic pinup girls of the 40’s, Betty Grable has to arrive at the top of the list.

This warm and bubbly blonde, whose long and well-proportioned legs were famously insured by Lloyd’s of London for a million dollars (setting a standard still matched today by J-Lo’s booty, for one) was responsible for keeping morale high for “our boys” during the second World War.

The Famous Betty Grable Pose

The Famous Betty Grable Pose

This is the iconic photo of Miss Grable in a very modest (by today’s standards) bathing suit.

She gazing coyly over her shoulder that was quite literally “pinned up” in many a soldier’s barracks.

That pose perfectly captured the very spirit of what makes a pinup girl so sexy- that combination of sweet approachability and the almost unawareness of her own sparkling sex appeal.

While we can’t all be walking around on million dollar gams, almost any wanna be pin-up girl can rock this classic and beautiful hairstyle.

This Betty Grable Updo works dressed up or down, and can be trimmed with bows or flowers or a fancy jeweled clip for a little extra polish.

The Iconic Pinup Girl

How To Style

Begin by sectioning out the crown area of your head. You’ll want to set your hair in reasonably small curls.

Hot rollers will work with a thermal spray, but ideally a wet set with sponge rollers or pin curls will give you the best results.

The crown area should be set in alternating rows to keep some definition to the curl. The rest of the hair can be rolled down using your curling method of choice.

Once hair has been set, take your curls down and run your fingers through, giving them a gentle shake and not really combing them together.

A little smoothing serum or pomade on your hands will also keep the flyaways in check.

Start with the crown section closest to your face and separate and pin and arrange your pretty curls front and center.

Give the base of the curl a little tease with a rattail comb for a bit of additional height and volume – if your hair is on the shorter side, a little backcombing will also lend the illusion of more hair.

Once that top section is handled, start pulling from the sides closest to your face and gently pull up to the bundle of curls atop your head, pinning and arranging as before.

Repeat with the rest of your hair, not quite pulling the hair tightly up but keeping it smoothed with pomade or smoothing serum.

If your hair is too short to be pulled all the way up, alternately you can pull the back upwards in a French twist or even a ponytail with long hair.

The look can really be finished up any way you’d like for a more casual, playful spin.

Pair this hairstyle with your favorite retro dress and a swipe of bright lipstick and you’ll be ready to give the gal with the famous legs a run for her money!

Enjoy, A Betty Grable Updo

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Betty Grable Updo
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