Bette Midler Hairstyle, New Style, New Color

bette midler latest hairstyleLong, straight and luxurious are the words that come to mind when viewing Bette Midler’s gorgeous hairstyle. Bette has learned one of the most important style rules- if there is an outstanding feature on your face, use your hairstyle to downplay it.

With her full bangs and layered look, your eyes are drawn away from Bette’s nose, which may have otherwise appeared almost overwhelming on her face.

Bette’s bangs are full and sweep somewhat to the sides taking your gaze in that direction.

Bangs are very useful when it comes to detracting away from high foreheads as well. That is the beauty of the perfect hairstyle for you - it will call attention away from the features you do not like and bring attention towards the features that you consider to be facial assets.

Although very stylish and fabulous looking, Bette Midler’s long, straight hairstyle is actually very simple. Not only is the style itself rather basic, but maintenance and styling take almost no effort at all.

If you have a diamond, heart, round, oblong or oval face shape you will have an easy time wearing a long, straight hairstyle like Bette Midler's.

You will find it easier to have a long, straight hairstyle if your locks are thin to medium in texture and straight or at the most wavy. However, if you are willing to put additional styling time in to achieve this look, you can wear it if your locks are thick and or curly as well.

bette midlerBette’s hair has been colored a medium, warm shade of blonde with both darker as well as lighter hues woven throughout. This makes her locks appear more natural as nobody ever has one solid hair color.

The shades she has chosen compliment her skin tone very well and offer depth and movement to her locks. Not to mention the fact that the highlights add a beautiful sheen to her hairstyle.


Styling Steps - Bette Midlers Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps After washing your hair and ensuring that you condition your tresses very well, work a small amount of straightening balm throughout your locks with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Use the corner of your comb to form a part that is straight. Next, use the end of your comb and starting at the hairline, crisscross from left to right as you work backward. Once at the crown, raise your comb and split your locks to either side and pull down to show off your zigzag part.
Style Hair Steps Use a round brush while blow-drying your hair. The back of your locks should be dried down and straight; the same is true for your sides. The top of your hair will be dried down and under with a slight lift at the roots for volume.
Style Hair Steps Your bangs should carefully be dried forward and slightly to the left.
Style Hair Steps Work a dab of smoothing shine from the middle of your hair down to the ends. Avoid applying any of this product to the roots of your hair, as it will only serve to weigh your tresses down.
Style Hair Steps Mist with hair spray for hold.


Bette Midler Hairstyle

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