Best Mascara For Older Women

Choosing the best mascara for older women can be tricky when you are looking at the wide range of mascara products available. While Teenagers have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of mascara colors as we age this is not the case. This article will discuss how to choose the best mascara for older women.

Best Mascara For Older Women

Mascara is one of the most important components of a woman's makeup. Without it, the makeup will usually look incomplete, since it is one of the factors that give extra focus to your eyes. 

Being older does not mean that you no longer need to look good. Grooming yourself and making yourself as attractive as possible even in your golden age is not a sin at all. You just have to adjust your makeup preferences to suit your current station in life. It is easy to choose the best mascara if you know the differences between the four main types of mascara based on appearance.

Brown Or Black Mascara

The brown or black mascara, also known as the neutral-colored mascara, are the most popular choices among older women and perhaps the best mascaras color range . Many believe that the neutral-colored mascara is the best mascara for older women because they can easily blend with any type of look and can be used conveniently with natural makeup.

Using black or brown mascara is also advantageous in the sense that you do not need to keep a load of mascara sticks in consideration of your wardrobe because they can easily match up with any color outfit. 

Clear Mascara

The clear mascara, aside from making your lashes look thick, is also advantageous to use in the sense that it gives a natural, shimmering look that adds focus to your eyes. Both young and old women can use this without causing raised eyebrows, so it would not hurt if you keep a stick of clear mascara in your makeup kit.

This type of mascara is ideal for occasions wherein makeup is a hindrance, such as in pool parties or when you go to the gym to work out. 

Use These Mascaras With Caution

Costume Mascara 

Costume mascara is any type of mascara that has a non-neutral color (pink, green, blue, red, etc.) This is often used by teenagers who are bold enough to match their sense of style with the way they look. Although this may look good on youngsters when paired with the right kind of outfit, red mascara with a red outfit does not always suit a more mature woman.

However, older women can use costume mascara as long as the colors are muted and are not too shocking to the eye (e.g. lilac, grayish-blue, maroon). These shades are also best saved for night makeup.

Shiny Or Glittery Mascara

The last type of mascara is the shiny or glittery mascara. This type of mascara cannot be considered the best mascara for older women as these are used by bold youngsters.

However, if you think that this is your best mascara you have to bear in mind that you should apply it lightly to blend with the rest of your makeup. It should not look like a flashing neon sign on your classical and graceful face.

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