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A collection of the best hairstyles that offer much in the way of versatility and a great new look.

Right now, a number of the best new styles that are incredibly popular feature shorn locks and hip aspects that might be a tad too daring for some.

Not to mention the fact that if your locks are too long or too short, you may not have the versatility that you are looking for.

You can still be on the fabulous hair list while keeping some length to your hair and having the flexibility you are seeking.

These are the best styles to offer you everything you want in a hairdo.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Soft Wavy Bob

An incredibly famous female celebrity that has found a great style to give her the flexibility and smashing look that she wants is Katie Holmes.

Although always beautiful, Katie Holmes used to wear her hair long and it was really not the best length for her.

Katie always appeared almost hidden behind her long, wavy locks. In the above picture Katie wears her locks in a medium lkength that works well for her.

This medium length hairstyle provides her with endless amounts of versatility while showcasing her facial features.

Featured Hairstyle Styling Steps

  • Wash your hair with products designed for your particular hair type
  • After you towel your hair dry, distribute a dollop of styling mousse throughout with your fingers
  • Use a wide tooth comb and arrange your hair as you desire With a rounded brush, work in small sections while blowing dry
  • Direct your bangs to the side and roll the brush so that your ends flip over If desired, work some pomade into your bangs to keep them to the side
  • Mist very lightly for slight hold, do not overspray as you want your locks to have movement

Style Inspiration

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  • best-hairstyles-7
  • best-soft-wavy-hairstyle

Work With Your Hair Type

The best do for you must work with your hair type and condition so that your locks have the chance to do what they do best.

That is not to say that there is never going to have to be an effort put into styling your hair.

However, that does not mean you want to spend hours daily forcing your tresses into a style that your hair is really not equipped to handle with ease.

Your Best Style

The best hairstyles for you, should allow you to stay within your comfort zone while still being trendy and having versatility.

For example, if you find that you enjoy wearing a Bob, but yet you want to jump out of your current style rut and try something new without going too bold, this may just be the look for you.

This hairstyle is based on a graduated Bob and is short in the back while gradually getting longer towards the front.

Very long layers are implemented throughout to allow for some movement and volume. A deep side part and heavy side swept bangs keep this hairstyle fresh and chic.

Seeing as there is a lot of length left in this cut, there is loads of flexibility for changing your style as necessary.

Hair accessories are the perfect way to clip back your locks and to change your appearance.

There is even enough length on the sides and in the front to offer you the flexibility to create a unique, faux updo for formal events.

This is also considered to be a good choice for many as it is incredibly adaptable to various hair types and conditions.

As with any hairstyle, the best ones are flexible enough to allow for changes due to personal taste, lifestyle and hair type.

Yet, they will still leave you looking and feeling your absolute best.

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